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How to Beat Inflation No Matter What the Fed Does

Dear Reader, Each quarter, my favorite earnings conference call comes from Starwood Property Trust (STWD) and its CEO, Barry Sternlicht. As the leader of both the publicly traded REIT and the private equity firm he founded, Starwood Capital Group, Sternlicht is excellent about sharing his thoughts on a wide range of financial topics, and recently […]

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Is Inflation Going To Tank The Corporate Bond Market?

Inflation is what everyone in the market is talking about these days.  The financial markets are concerned that the Fed will have to hike rates much sooner than expected.  Higher rates will significantly impact fixed income products like Treasuries and corporate bonds.  Perhaps that’s why an institutional trader purchased 160,000 put spreads in iShares iBoxx […]

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How to Invest with Inflation at 30-Year Highs

Dear Reader, Last week, the CPI inflation was released, showing the highest year-over-year inflation in 30years. After living and investing in a low-inflation economy for a couple of decades, investorsnow need to pick some inflation-fighting stocks and funds. In the 1980s, the Federal Reserve killed inflation by quickly and massively increasing interestrates. High-teens interest rates […]

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Are You Making Investing Harder Than It Should Be?

I published this article five years ago. Sadly, things seem to be getting worse. The message is even more important today. Those who think and act independently will always survive. Today is a real downer. We just finished a wonderful week with our youngest grandchildren. They’re now gone and the house is quiet. That’s not […]

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What The Fed Is Really Doing With OUR Money

The Federal Reserve is owned by “Member Banks” that have now merged into huge brokerage, investment firms; many deemed “Too big to be allowed to fail”. G. Edward Griffin explains: “The Federal Reserve is a cartel- it’s a banking cartel. And like all cartels, it only has one purpose – and that is to serve […]

Are You the Mark at Wall Street’s Casino?

Are You the Mark at Wall Street’s Casino?

Las Vegas – the gambling capital of the world. Nevada heavily regulates the casinos; requiring a certain percentage paid back to the gamblers. They pour billions into their posh establishments, enticing customers into their casinos and make huge profits – legally. If the public felt the casinos are rigged, they would lose customers, jobs, and […]

How The Epic Experiment Changing the Economy Pinches Your Budget

How The Epic Experiment Changing the Economy Pinches Your Budget

When I finished writing “Whistling Past The Graveyard”, I was furious. The Federal Reserve prints money at will. Theoretically, congress oversees the Fed – the Fed oversees the banking system, and they have our best interest at heart. While both feign good intentions, in practice they are lining their pockets at the expense of Main Street America. Fed Chairman […]

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s recent remarks really infuriated me. He is “Whistling Past The Graveyard”, again trying to deceive the public. Wolf Richter shares some of his recent remarks:   “Inflation has come in above expectations over the past few months.” “The expectation is that high inflation readings will start to abate.” “We don’t in any way […]

Using Options To Juice Your Fixed Income Returns

Using Options To Juice Your Fixed Income Returns

The Federal Reserve’s ultra-low interest rate policy and quantitative easing programs are regularly debated among economists, armchair analysts, and everyone in between. Monetary policy can be pretty complex, with hundreds of variables to consider. So, it’s not a huge surprise that there’s so much disagreement on policy. Most studies have shown that the Fed’s increasingly […]

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“We The People” Are Getting Screwed!

Enough is enough! It makes no difference what political party is at the helm, our government is foolishly wasting money and putting OUR country at risk. While the preamble to our Constitution begins with, “We The People”, somehow the concept of elected representatives looking after OUR best interest got lost along the way. Pundit Bill […]