Author: Dennis Miller

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Bring The Kryptonite To Washington!

I recently asked, “Will the Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?”. The casino banks risky derivative bets are much higher than the last bailout a decade ago. The risks will come home to roost and they will expect taxpayers to bail them out again. I concluded: “Keep and increase your gold holdings. True reform would take us […]

The New York Fed Would Make The Godfather Proud!

The New York Fed Would Make The Godfather Proud!

Wikipedia tells us, “In the first Godfather movie, the ‘meeting of the Dons’ scene uses the Federal Reserve building exterior.” How appropriate! This Burning Platform “Quotes of the Day” grabbed me: “When we talk about company culture in the context of financial services, the first thing that comes to mind is the risky, unethical, and sometimes criminal […]

Will The Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?

Will The Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?

Can bank bailouts bankrupt America? Why would congress let it happen? In a recent Daily Pfennig, friend Chuck Butler tells about educating his grandsons about the worst president there has ever been: “…. I couldn’t let that one slip … I explained to them that Woodrow Wilson was the all-time worst president, … culminating with, he ushered […]

Are Real Estate Investment Trusts Safe Investments?

Are Real Estate Investment Trusts Safe Investments?

In a yield-starved investment world, should investors be buying Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)? Can they bring solid, safe returns? Many investors love them, while some shy away. How volatile are they? How do you evaluate them? A subscriber recently asked a good question. He purchased a subscription from one of our trusted affiliates, The Dividend […]

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Finding Sunshine In All Types Of Weather

My instrument check ride was already scheduled when I got a call from Larry, my flight instructor. He told me to come out to the airport immediately, today would be one of the best learning experiences he could offer. It was a cloudy, soppy, rainy day; nothing going on, so I drove to the airport. […]

"The long and the short is we went long and got shorted."

The Bond Market Is Nuts!

The bond market is absolutely nuts – devoid of any common sense. Back in the days when professors used chalkboards, and actually taught classes, I studied Business Economics. We learned how capital and labor come together to produce goods and services, create jobs and profits. If capital was needed, you could borrow and pay interest. […]

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Are We Headed For A Market Crash?

I recently wrote “Most readers have felt … for some time, … things are just not right, yet so far, nothing horrible has happened.” Ron Paul’s recent article, Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ about to Pop?, reinforces those fears: “When the New York Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repurchasing (repo) markets […]