Author: Dennis Miller

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 15, 2018: Treasury Building entrance, headquarters of United States Department of the Treasury

Is Capitalism Destroying the American Economy?

The Fed has begun the battle against double-digit inflation. CNBC reports they are raising interest rates (very slowly) and announced: “Officials “generally agreed” that a maximum of $60 billion in Treasuries and $35 billion in mortgage-backed securities would be allowed to roll off, phased in over three months and likely starting in May.” CNBC adds: […]

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Income and Inflation For Those Already Retired

Just when you think things can’t get crazier, they do. The US pulls out of Afghanistan, leaving people and weapons behind unnecessarily. Russia invades Ukraine because they are threatened by NATO. China is rattling the saber over Taiwan. The Canadian Prime minister governs against the will of the majority; all because he wants to save […]

Should I Sell My Gold?

Should I Sell My Gold?

With all the world turmoil, high inflation, war in Ukraine, China rattling their saber, gold has gone up in price. Trading Economics tracks gold prices for the last 12 months. Less than a year ago, gold was just under $1,700/oz. It recently hit $2,050/oz. and was knocked down $60/oz. the following day. Remember the old saying, there […]

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How to Tell When the Fed is Lying

Last fall the Fed said it began “tapering” the amount of debt securities they were buying. This Wall Street on Parade (WSOP) headline reports; “Since the Fed Announced It Was ‘Tapering’ Last November, It’s Actually Added $332 Billion in Liquidity with New Debt Security Purchases.” The Fed says one thing and does another; they continued buying debt […]

Understanding Real Diversification

Understanding Real Diversification

In a recent interview with Chuck Butler, we concluded, short of dumping the FED and a ballot box revolution, inflation is here to stay. Individual investors can control where/how we invest to protect our life savings. Chuck summed up his feeling about a market fraught with risk: “I recently had some bonds mature. These maturities brought me […]

What Will Eventually Cause the Collapse?

What Will Eventually Cause the Collapse?

Subscriber Steve F. asked Chuck Butler and me what we meant when we said the Fed and government is destroying the economy and wealth of the nation: “That seems like a subject the average Joe can get his or her head around. Why not put together what that would really look like for us?” We […]

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These Are the Five Banks Dictating Fed Policy

Since the 2008 bank bailouts, readers regularly ask, “what the hell is going on?” I’m not an economist, but I’ll try to explain things – and it isn’t pretty. A major plank in problem-solving is, “Look at the consequences of your decisions, don’t let your solutions cause bigger problems.” Since Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act, the […]

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Here’s Why 40% of Your Nasdaq Listed Stocks Are Down 50%

Asset prices soaring to ridiculous levels, well beyond anything regarding true, intrinsic values creates a bubble. Eventually things come crashing down. Those holding overpriced assets lose a lot of money and the ripple effect can cause economic hardship to many others. Ozak Durmus tells us about “Tulipmania“: “Tulipmania was the first major financial bubble. It happened […]