Author: Dennis Miller

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Should You Pay Off The Mortgage?

I’m frequently asked about paying off a home mortgage. I tell everyone, “It depends!”. I asked that same question. A friend said his CPA was emphatic that one should not pay off their mortgage. He arranged a meeting where the three of us could talk. The CPA asked about the interest rate; 6% at the […]

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When Advice Conflicts, Who Should You Listen To?

We moved to Texas in the early days of the dot-com boom. I reconnected with a boyhood friend Tom. He has an economics degree from an Ivy League school, became a successful stockbroker and economics consultant. My broker would “suggest” I consider some of the hotshot dot-com stocks. Tom provided a good offset, suggesting caution. […]

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Would You Support A War To Preserve The Union?

After the 2016 election I wrote about Calexit, a movement urging Californians to sign a petition allowing for a secession referendum. In April 2017, they pulled the plug on the initiative when it was discovered the leader of the campaign, Louis J. Marinelli, had Russian connections. He’s now seeking permanent residence in Russia. It didn’t take long […]

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Dollar Cost Averaging versus Stop Losses

Subscriber Rick G. recently asked a great question. “What do you think about the theory of ‘buying on dips’ and ‘dollar cost averaging’? If the price of a dividend paying stock goes down, buying more will increase your yield; however, that seems to be at odds with the idea of why an investor should have […]

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The Federal Reserve Strikes Again!

With a concerned look on his face, my friend John said, “A special assessment would be close to $5,000 per home.” My wife Jo and I live in a Del Webb community in the Phoenix suburbs. Our community is responsible for maintaining our own roads. Here is the conversation that followed: John – “Most roads […]

The Real Budget Battle No One Will Discuss

The Real Budget Battle No One Will Discuss

President Trump released his proposed 2018 Federal Budget. The battle lines are drawn. Expect to be inundated with articles like “The rich get richer, and the poor get…” We will quickly be fed up with class warfare, emotional bleeding hearts and hysterical politicos distorting statistics while pandering votes. The final result will be a pathetic “compromise”. Remember, […]