Author: Dennis Miller


Protecting Your Wealth In Tough Times

Since 2008, pundits are screaming – “Inflation is coming!” They are getting louder; do we scoff at the warnings, or take heed? What if they are right? If we take precautions, what harm can we do to our life savings if it doesn’t happen? Baby boomers worked hard and played by the rules. Most are […]

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Inflate Or Die!

Pundit Bill Bonner’s article, “Money-Printing Means Inflation for the U.S. Economy”, concludes: “It’s inflate or die. And if anyone gets in the way of inflation… the ‘active shooters’ – in both the private sector and the public sector – start gunning for them. Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen came under fire for saying she might […]

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America with a vintage flag

“We The People” Are Getting Screwed!

Enough is enough! It makes no difference what political party is at the helm, our government is foolishly wasting money and putting OUR country at risk. While the preamble to our Constitution begins with, “We The People”, somehow the concept of elected representatives looking after OUR best interest got lost along the way. Pundit Bill […]

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Back To The Future Part 2

Last week Chuck Butler and I accepted a challenge from subscriber Charles F. “Describe life in the US 5 years into the loss of our currency reserve status. Winner, Losers, what does gov’t look like on different levels, our position in the world, let your imagination run wild. When I do this my thinking quickly […]

If Not Now – WHEN??

If Not Now – WHEN??

My grandfather was a WWII Army Sargent, an uneducated farmer with a Ph.D. in common sense. One of the lessons he preached; the longer you ignore a problem, the more it will grow. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell never met my grandfather. This Schiff Gold article confirms my grandfather’s thinking: (Emphasis mine) “During a webinar sponsored by the […]

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How Good Is Your Comfortable Retirement Guarantee?

For generations Baby Boomers were told to follow certain rules and, with Social Security, then later Medicare, they were guaranteed a safe, comfortable retirement. Oops! For many it is not happening; did they fail to read the small print, or understand things? defines guarantee, with some examples: noun “a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, that something […]

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Big Brothers Are Fighting For World Domination

The struggle for world domination is never-ending. Governments, with their armies, fight to control not only their population, but also the rest of the world. The tools and battle strategies may change, but the goal never does. Immediately after finishing our article about digital currency combined with negative interest rates, Chuck Butler wrote “China’s Digital Currency Is Ready […]