Author: Dennis Miller

Ben Franklin is in the Christmas Spirit for the Holiday's wearing a Santa Hat and a smile, not normally seen on this Hundred Dollar Bill Portrait.

Does Government Debt Really Matter?

The numbers on the US Debt Clock are spinning at a dazzling pace. US government debt is now over $21 trillion, $174 thousand per taxpayer. Add another $3 trillion for debts of state and local government on the stack. Unfunded federal government promises are almost $113 trillion, $900,000 per taxpayer, not including another $6 trillion in state […]

75 lines counting - Seventy-fifth birthday

Between 75 And Death Your Retirement Nest Egg

If you knew you had a short time left to live, would you do anything differently? The movie, “Bucket List” highlighted how two men came to terms with their impending demise and went on quite an adventure before they “kicked the bucket”. Longtime friend Kirk B. sent me an article published in the Watauga Democrat, “Between […]

A stopwatch or timer with the words Time is Running Out to warn you that the clock is ticking and the deadline or finish point is near and you should hurry or speed up to complete the game or job

Investing With Time Remaining On The Clock

Jo and I were watching an exciting hockey game between our favorite team (Tampa Bay Lightning) versus the Philadelphia Flyers. Tampa had a 3-0 lead with six minutes left on the clock. The referee sent a Tampa player to the penalty box. For those unfamiliar with hockey, the penalty box is an adult “time out”, […]

American trade tariff as steel and aluminum tariffs in the United states as a stamp on a cargo ship as an economic import and exports tax concept as a 3D illustration.

Can a Trade War Really Cause a Shooting War?

Will we repeat the mistakes of the past that led up to WWII? Jim Rickards thinks so. His recent article “Now, a Trade War – Is a Shooting War Next?”offers the history leading up to WWII and warns: “Get ready for an all-out financial war between the U.S. and China. Germany is also in the crosshairs…. […]

Of a card - the person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Removing The Rose Colored Glasses

I’m excited! We’re in for a real treat. We’re going to gain a unique look at what’s going on in the world and how we can protect ourselves. I’m a long-time subscriber to Richard Maybury’s “US & World Early Warning Report”. Richard offers a different perspective from any other newsletter I subscribe to. His candid approach to […]

Should Retirement Investors Add a Little Gold Just in Case?

Should Retirement Investors Add a Little Gold Just in Case?

The US Debt Clock tells us our national debt is around $21 trillion. Social Security promises are approaching $17 trillion – included in the “unfunded” government promises – over $112 trillion. Despite government mandated Cost of Living Increases, our recent article, “An Inconvenient Truth About Social Security” clearly indicates Social Security recipients have no inflation protection. Each month, seniors and […]