Author: Dennis Miller

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Will You Get Stuck Bailing Out this Industry Next?

Former Fed Chairs, Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke took great credit for steering the world recovery from the great recession. When something good happens, it’s a result of their masterful strategic planning. Why are they totally surprised when negative news gets reported? The Business Insider headline blared, “A record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their […]

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Don’t Get Caught In The Fed Trap Again

The Government surprised the world in 2008 when the Fed bailed out the banks at the expense of seniors and savers. The Fed dropped interest rates to historic lows while buying U.S. treasuries and bad loans through their Quantitative Easing (QE) program. Seniors and savers lost over $4 trillion in interest income they would have […]

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Will The Fed Bring Us More QE?

Mike Maloney’s video, “If You Don’t Think QE4 & QE5 Are Coming, You’re Smoking Something”, raised a red flag. The Fed did not raise rates and didn’t rule out more Quantitative Easing (QE) in the future. Mike fears QE may include bailing out companies that can’t pay their debts. QE was different Unlike historical fed interest […]

Will Gold Shine In 2019?

Will Gold Shine In 2019?

Several experts, who are not in the gold business, recently suggested gold will be a good investment in 2019. Zerohedge reports on David Einhorn’s annual letter to Greenlight Capital shareholders with my emphasis: “Gold – Long – U.S. debt to GDP is over 100%. The…U.S. debt has increased by over $2 trillion…. When the economy eventually slows, the […]

If Socialism Is So Good, Why Are People Moving Away?

If Socialism Is So Good, Why Are People Moving Away?

The mainstream media is citingreports, with widely varying percentages, that many young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism – and are supporting socialist candidates. The media provides extended coverage to politicians touting socialist programs. The New York Times trumpets, “Mayor de Blasio Says Wealth Is ‘in the Wrong Hands,’ Pledges to Redistribute It.” “Here’s the truth, brothers […]

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How Far Can An Apple Fall? Should You Sell or Ride It Out?

Apple was the first $1 trillion company. In May 2018 they announced a $100 billion stock buyback program. Their stock was over $225/share at the end of August. In November, Tony Daltorio, one of our panel of experts, wrote “Two Smartphone Makers Nipping at Apple’s Heels“. Apple’s stock dropped around 16% since Tony’s warning. Tony’s […]

Open Letter To Larry Culp, GE’s New CEO

Open Letter To Larry Culp, GE’s New CEO

Dear Mr. Culp, I wish you the best in your new challenge. This Motley Fool article about your background is encouraging. Why am I writing this? During the Jack Welch era, GE contracted with my training company, Value Selling. GE’s needs were different. Jack’s vision was clear. Each business was required to grow market share and improve […]