10 Highest Yield Dividend Stocks Going Ex-Div This Week

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Some of the dividend stocks below are the best dividend stocks while others require more research.

TickerEx-Div DatePay DateAmountYield
ECC12/8/2312/29/23 $0.14 16.00%
MPW12/6/231/11/24 $0.15 14.15%
AMBP12/5/2312/20/23 $0.10 12.76%
ZTR12/8/2312/19/23 $0.05 11.50%
SAR12/8/2312/28/23 $0.72 11.22%
BBDC12/5/2312/13/23 $0.26 11.20%
MAIN12/7/2312/15/23 $0.28 8.47%
KSS12/5/2312/20/23 $0.50 8.38%
ESEA12/7/2312/16/23 $0.50 8.22%
DHF12/5/2312/20/23 $0.02 8.11%

Data current as of 11/29/23.

Data presented in this table is for information purposes. Other than for those equities included in the portfolios of Investors Alley subscription services no analysis is provided on any equities mentioned in this table, nor is any endorsement to any equity in this table to be inferred or implied because of that equity’s inclusion.


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