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Dow Heading for Historic Drop - Take Immediate Action
World-renowned economist Harry Dent now says, "We'll see an historic drop to 6,000... and when the dust settles - it'll plummet to 3,300. Along the way, we'll see another real estate collapse, gold will sink to $750 an ounce and unemployment will skyrocket... It's going to get ugly."
Considering his near-perfect track record of predicting economic events long before they occur, you need to take action to protect yourself now.
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Buy These 5 Stocks That Will Soar Thanks To Obamacare

Now that all the Obamacare deadlines have passed, one of the biggest wealth creation opportunity to hit the market in decades is underway. So far Wall Street isn't doing a particularly good job of picking the winners from the losers. We reveal 5 young and innovative companies that will soar long-term regardless of Obamacare's fate, including 2 under-the-radar IPOs in Healthcare IT.
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Monday Musings:
A major stock correction is looming

Meet the company positioned at the center of the global 3D printing market [ad]

This Week's Trading Signal:
Buy silver
3 stocks to buy before the next oil boom

The Texas oil industry has been making investors very rich recently. Fortunately, there's another oil boom on the horizon that will make Texas even more influential in the global market. These 3 stocks stand to benefit most when it hits.
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Profit from a budding sector with these 4 penny stocks

A number of public companies have emerged since Colorado legalized marijuana, and more states are joining the trend. While mostly limited to penny stocks, this budding sector delivers high reward for today's risk-seeking investors.
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This market crash pattern will haunt all investors

3D Pioneer has started a revolution - Learn about the iTunes of 3D printing [ad]

This sector is due for a crash

Goldman Sachs is buying gold, but they're not telling you
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