Author: Tim Plaehn

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Good Management Matters – Here’s How to Find It

Dear Reader, Recent earnings coming out of the retail sector show how important management decisions have become in this era of supply chain challenges and high inflation. Stocks have stopped moving in tandem with their peers. Those who can pick the best companies, with the best management teams, as their investments will significantly outperform the […]

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How to Beat Inflation No Matter What the Fed Does

Dear Reader, Each quarter, my favorite earnings conference call comes from Starwood Property Trust (STWD) and its CEO, Barry Sternlicht. As the leader of both the publicly traded REIT and the private equity firm he founded, Starwood Capital Group, Sternlicht is excellent about sharing his thoughts on a wide range of financial topics, and recently […]

The Only “Covid Recovery” Stock You’ll Need

The Only “Covid Recovery” Stock You’ll Need

Dear Reader, I have seen and heard about a wide range of stocks that investment pundits recommend you buy to profit from the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. With stock prices zooming higher through 2021, it’s hard to determine which “recovery” stocks still have room to run. Here is one that will do very well […]

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Why Stock Buybacks Do Nothing for You

Dear Reader, Corporations’ renewed focus on “returning cash to shareholders” is laudable, but misleading. As with all things investment-related, you can only determine whether something is a good deal for investors by understanding the nuances of how companies implement these policies. When business results are good, corporate boards of directors often choose (as they should) […]

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How to Invest with Inflation at 30-Year Highs

Dear Reader, Last week, the CPI inflation was released, showing the highest year-over-year inflation in 30years. After living and investing in a low-inflation economy for a couple of decades, investorsnow need to pick some inflation-fighting stocks and funds. In the 1980s, the Federal Reserve killed inflation by quickly and massively increasing interestrates. High-teens interest rates […]

Real Investing Isn’t What You Think It Is

Real Investing Isn’t What You Think It Is

In the middle of last month, I spent two days on the road to pick up a new travel trailer I purchased from an out-of-state dealer. While driving during stock market hours, I use SiriusXM radio to listen to CNBC and Fox Business, keeping up with the day’s financial news. While I enjoy the information, […]

How to Calculate Your Impressive Covered Call Returns

How to Calculate Your Impressive Covered Call Returns

Dear Reader, Talking about investment yields and returns can be confusing, and actually understanding what happens can be even more daunting. However, we are trying to make money on our money, and understanding potential returns – both as percentages and dollars – helps separate good opportunities from those that are less attractive. If you have […]