Author: Tim Plaehn

Oil field site, in the morning or evening, oil pumps are running, The oil pump and the beautiful sunset or sunrise of pumping unit.

It’s Not Too Late to Jump on the Energy Bull Market

In June, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil traded in the mid-$60s. Three months later, it’s pushing $95 per barrel, with market expectations that it will soon be above $100. Due to the lag between business results and the quarterly earnings reports, it’s not too late to jump on some energy stocks for their upcoming […]

The Wall Street Journal Finally Gets a Clue

The Wall Street Journal Finally Gets a Clue

I was pleasantly surprised to read a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighting the investment benefits of Business Development Companies (BDCs). The article included a couple of BDCs that are on my Dividend Hunter recommended portfolio. Let’s dig in, and take a look at why these BDCs are such great income investments… The WSJ article […]

New York, USA - Circa 2018: Unidentifiable woman in red shirt swipe credit card into Mobile gas station fuel pump to pay for gasoline to fill car tank

Here’s How to Profit Off the Gasoline Price Spike

Last week, I went to fuel up my pickup truck and was shocked to see that gas prices had jumped overnight by $0.40 per gallon. Ouch! I started digging into the cause, looking for an investment angle. What I found reinforced my belief in what I think is one of the best investment opportunities in […]

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The Yin and Yang of Investing in Today’s Markets

It is a confusing time for investors. For the last two years, market experts, forecasters, and pundits have been consistently wrong about the economy and the direction of the markets. Despite these issues, I am encouraged by the many opportunities available for investors to earn solid returns. But before I jump into some investment ideas […]

Why Value Stocks are About to Outperform

Why Value Stocks are About to Outperform

The bulk of stock market gains since last October are due to large price increases from a handful of large-cap, tech-focused stocks. But growth stocks like that have had their time in the sun. Let’s look at why value stocks could outperform in the future… According to Investopedia, growth stocks are shares of companies that […]

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Utility Stocks are Great – But These Energy Stocks are Even Better

A recent article highlighted the differences between the different income-focused investment sectors. Investors often see energy midstream and utilities as similar infrastructure-type investments. Both pay high yields and tend to be pretty safe bets. But significant differences exist, so let’s see where best to put your money… Utility stocks, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and […]

A High-Yield Way to Invest in Mega-Tech Stocks

A High-Yield Way to Invest in Mega-Tech Stocks

YieldMax’s first four ETFs launched in November 2022 and really caught investors’ attention. Yields up to almost 79% will do that. Recently, another seven YieldMax ETFs started trading on the stock exchange. Let’s take a look at whether these new single-stock ETFs are worth your time and money… A covered call options strategy involves selling […]

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Lock in Today’s High Yields Before They Go Away

The inverted yield curve has investors and savers focused on short-term investments like money market funds because of their high yields. However, when the Fed starts to lower interest rates, the yields on money market funds will also decline. That’s why you need to act now to lock in today’s high yields. Let me show […]

Why Focusing on Quarterly Earnings Results Will Lead You Astray

Why Focusing on Quarterly Earnings Results Will Lead You Astray

Investors often use quarterly earnings results to decide whether to buy or sell individual stocks; however, investors who focus on past results will likely miss out on the blow-out positive quarters when looking at upstream energy producers. Here’s what to look for instead, and what to look for… Upstream energy companies are oil and gas […]