Betting On A Big Move In Uber

Betting On A Big Move In Uber

With all the hoopla over electric vehicles this year, it seems like investors have nearly forgotten about the ride-sharing business. There was a time where you couldn’t open up a financial publication without seeing something about Uber (UBER) or Lyft (LYFT). Lately, however, ride-sharing has taken a backseat to the rides themselves. Investors have been […]

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 15, 2018: Treasury Building entrance, headquarters of United States Department of the Treasury

Bond Yields Drop to 234-Year Low

The 10-year Treasury bond now yields 0.5% Last Friday, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note dropped to 0.520%. According to Deutsche Bank, that’s the lowest yield in 234 years. Whenever you see stats like this, know that someone is getting a little creative. What they’re doing is splicing data from other sources to come […]

Dec 14, 2019 San Jose / CA / USA - NIO ES8 electric SUV displayed in front of NIO headquarters; NIO is a Chinese automobile manufacturer specializing in developing electric autonomous vehicles

NIO Stock Price Rises on July Sales News

Shares of electric carmaker Nio Inc. (NIO) exploded above $14 a share on July 2020 sales news. For July 2020, the company delivered 3,553 vehicles – up 322% year over year. NIO has now delivered 17,702 vehicles for the year – up 111% year over year. “In July, we are pleased to have achieved the […]