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A “Stupid Cheap” Stock Pick for Bottom-Fishers

When the stock market goes into a bear market, it drags down almost every stock. Sound, profitable companies see their shares driven down right alongside the perhaps more deserving stocks that may have been overvalued. If you understand how a company operates and the concept of relative valuations, you can, during a bear market, find […]

Poznan, Poland - October 28.2020: The Glaxosmithkline headquarters office building in Poznan. LOGO. GaxoSmithKline also called GSK is a British pharmaceutical company.

GSK Turnaround Story

For well over 20 years, shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) have been on a long journey to nowhere, with the pharmaceutical company lagging well behind its peers. That’s why activist investor Elliott Management has been pushing the company to come up with a plan to correct years of stock price underperformance and operational drift. The […]

What’s In Store for RBLX?

What’s In Store for RBLX?

Tech stocks have been among the hardest hit in market sell off this year.  Roblox (RBLX), the popular video game company, has also seen a sharp decline in its share price as its revenue growth has slowed.  However, after its most recent earnings report, the stock price looks like it could be bouncing back. In […]

NEW YORK CITY, USA - MARCH 15, 2020: Apple store logo at Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City, NY, USA

High Volatility Can Lead to Higher Returns

Wow, what a week! For those whose portfolios are simply filled with long stocks, this has been a disastrous time. But for those who are swimming in cash, this is a great opportunity to make even more money by selling some options to take in the lofty premiums being priced into options due to fear […]

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The Future of Energy – and How to Play It

Energy. Every aspect of our lives requires some form of energy, from transportation, to the growing of food, to powering your Facebook feed. For example, the internet is forecast to soon consume one-fifth of all the world’s electricity. The recent double whammy of pandemic restrictions and sanctions on Russia has revealed how fragile the global […]

Trade of the Week: ARKK

Trade of the Week: ARKK

The market has been in a significant downtrend this year, but the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) has been hit even harder.  ARKK is down 60% year-to-date as it holds some of the most speculative stocks from the past several years.  However, several options trades last week appear to be from traders opening up bullish positions […]

KODK Stock Price Triples on Announcement of $765 Million Loan to Produce Pharmaceuticals

This Biotech Look Good With Increased M&A activity

Investors may want to keep an eye on biopharmaceutical stocks. We could be on the cusp of a massive wave of new M&A activity. As Reuters reports: “Biotechs are coming off their worst April since 2002, and the crash in valuation has made them attractive M&A targets, especially when small drug makers are grappling with […]

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Profiting From Rising Fuel Prices

Most of you are surely aware of the headlines blaring that retail gasoline prices in the United States rose again and hit another all-time record, surpassing one set in March. On May 10, the average cost of a retail gallon of gasoline hit $4.374, according to the American Automobile Association, surpassing the former record of […]

Offshore wind energy

Europe’s Almost Unknown Gas Play

Some of the best investments come from digging a little deeper beyond the headlines. For example, we have all heard by now about Europe’s woes regarding natural gas and its dependency on Russian gas supplies. But do you know what company is the second-biggest provider of natural gas to Europe, behind only Russia’s Gazprom? It […]

Apple stock to $100?

Apple stock to $100?

There’s an interesting trend I’ve found on Apple’s stock that’s gone back 20 years.  Everytime Apple weighs down this line on the chart… eventually, it breaks down and finds its support on a second line.  Based on this multi-decade trend…  Apple could potentially drop to $100 in the coming weeks. That would be a 33% […]