Tim Melvin

Tim Melvin, one of the editors at Investors Alley

Tim Melvin is a 30 year plus veteran of financial markets. He is also the editor of Underground Income, The 20% Letter, Takeover Letter, MVP Letter – a special situations investing research project for the coming market rebound, and his newly launched Preferred Payouts Letter.

For Underground Income Tim uses rigorous quantitative analysis based on the principles used in deep value and private equity styles of investing to help investors compound their wealth using strategies designed to maximize profits and minimize risk. He uses in-depth research efforts to uncover special situation opportunities that can profit regardless of market direction. He has also developed models for building alternative income portfolio that can help individual investors uses income producing portfolios previously available only to individuals.

The 20% Letter focuses on the growth and income opportunities from REITs and bank stocks. These are two sectors that profit from a rising interest rate environment just like we’re in right now.

And his Takeover Letter brings readers opportunities with acquisition targets.

Tim believes that individuals have powerful advantages over institutions but are not taught how to use them. He wants to be the one who help individual investors stop taking entirely too much risk for too little return.

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Tim Plaehn

Tim Plaehn, one of the editors at Investors Alley.

Tim is the lead investment research analyst for income and dividend investing at Investors Alley. He runs a number of income-focused newsletters including Dividend Hunter, Dividend Hunter Insiders, Monthly Dividend Multiplier, POWR Income, ETF Income Edge, and Weekly Income Accelerator. Those last three he runs jointly with Jay Soloff.

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Jay Soloff

Jay Soloff, one of the editors at Investors Alley

Jay is the Options Portfolio Manager at Investors Alley. He is the editor for 48-Hour Income, an investment advisory using short duration secured put trades to deliver a high win-rate. He believes in combining income generating, high probability strategies with targeted buying opportunities to succeed in any market condition and in the power of education. His Options Insiders service combine live weekly training with powerful trade recommendations.

Jay is also co-editor of Weekly Income Accelerator, POWR Income, and ETF Income Edge with Tim Plaehn.

Prior to his work with Investors Alley, Jay was a professional options market maker on the floor of the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), the largest options trading exchange in the world.

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