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Do This Now as Markets Plunge

Today we’re featuring Tim Melvin, the newest investing expert here at Investor’s Alley, here in Options Floor Trader. He brings 30+ years of investing experience and expertise in alternative strategies to create income and returns that don’t depend on the S&P 500 going up. Today, as markets are falling and fear is building, he has […]

Five Energy Stocks to Lead the Clean Energy Transition

Five Energy Stocks to Lead the Clean Energy Transition

Markets are getting crushed… but there’s always a bull market somewhere. Look at uranium prices, for example, which is strong for a few reasons: First, Congress is considering legislation that could ban Russian imports, which currently accounts for about 17% of the uranium used by U.S. power plants, says Real Clear Energy. Second, global leaders […]

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Floating Your Way to Easy Profits in Europe

On May 4, the European Union proposed a phased-in ban on imports of all Russian oil. The ban will cover all Russian oil, seaborne and pipeline, crude and refined. The goal is to phase out Russian oil supplies in an “orderly fashion” within six months and refined products by the end of the year. The […]

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How to Beat the Wall Street Journal’s Market Crash Play

The wealth destruction this year experienced by investors who held the hot stocks of 2021 has been brutal. A recent Wall Street Journal email noted how investors have now changed strategies in response – better late than never. But if you really want to see long-term success in the rising-interest rate, high inflation, expensive-commodity era […]

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We’re About to Make a Lot of Money Together

We have a special treat for you today: a special message from Tim Melvin, our newest investing expert here at Investors Alley. Anyone interested in getting steady income while beating the market should pay special attention to what he has to say… Especially as the markets are tanking and the investment strategies that have worked […]

Are Bond Prices Going To Crash?

The market sold off sharply last week, with both stocks and bonds getting hit hard.  Historically, bonds move opposite of stocks. But these days, with interest rates going higher, bonds also have downside risk. Looking at options action in iShares 20+ Treasury Bond ETF (TLT), it does not appear that the smart money expects bonds […]

Don’t Let Panic Lose You Money

Don’t Let Panic Lose You Money

Last week, I told my premium subscribers to get out of a stock that had been panic-sold two months earlier. By understanding exactly what was going on, we avoided the panic-triggered losses and sold at a price 130% above the selloff low. So, let’s talk about how not to be an emotion-driven, lose-your-money, panic-selling investor… […]

Trade of the Week: Gold Miners

Trade of the Week: Gold Miners

With all the global uncertainty in the financial markets these days, gold has been a popular investment.  One way to gain gold exposure  is by using VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDX).  Gold miners are expected to thrive with gold trading around $1,900 per ounce. One trader sold a large block of puts last week in […]

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Buy This Generator Manufacturer Before Hurricane Season Starts

With hurricane season approaching, investors may want to keep an eye on Generac Holdings (GNRC). After all, this is the company that provides power generation equipment and other light-motor equipment for industrial and residential customers—in fact, it’s the the market leader in home standby generators. Beyond the physical damage to homes and businesses, one of […]