The High-Yield Stock for Energy Investing

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Since breaking out of its $65 to less than $80 per barrel trading range, WTI crude oil has continued to trend higher, and as I write this, it is trading near $86 per barrel. The investing public is gaining interest in the energy sector, and as crude prices keep rising, so will energy stocks.

With a $473 billion market cap, Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) is the largest company in the energy sector. Exxon Mobil is an integrated energy producer, which means it operates across the full spectrum of energy production, from drilling oil wells to selling retail fuels and lubricants.

Exxon Mobil is a Dividend Aristocrat with 25 years of dividend growth but currently yields only 3.2%.

So let me show you a better way of getting yield from Exxon…

The YieldMax ETF family of funds takes popular large-cap stocks and packages them into an ETF that employs a covered call strategy to enhance the income earned from the specified stocks. Covered call trading involves selling call options on the underlying stock. Selling calls generates cash income.

Covered call trading can significantly increase the income earned from stocks. The primary downside of call option selling is that the calls cap the potential share price appreciation.

Covered call selling and the YieldMax ETFs perform best (outperforming the underlying stocks) when share prices are flat to moderately appreciating. The majority of the YieldMax ETFs cover the popular large-cap tech stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta. Somehow, an energy stock snuck into the mix, and that stock is Exxon Mobil.

The fund is the YieldMax XOM Option Income Strategy ETF (XOMO). Based on the most recent dividend, XOMO yields 16.5%. The fund sells monthly call options and pays monthly dividends.

Also, XOMO trades for about $19 per share compared to $120 per share for XOM. For smaller investors, the lower share price provides an opportunity to invest.

The energy sector is hot, and rising crude oil prices should keep company share prices strong. XOMO offers a chance to participate in the share price appreciation and earn an outstanding cash yield at the same time.

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