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ST. PAUL, MN/USA - MARCH 3, 2019: JC Penny retail store exterior and trademark logo. J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is an American department store chain.

High-Yield REITs SPG and BPY Look To Be Big Winners In J.C. Penney Bankruptcy

Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? I’m not so sure. My research points to a different paradigm for retail sales. I believe you will see more coordination and integration between traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets and the large online sellers. Instead of competing for market share, the smart retailers from both sides of the digital divide will combine […]

Four High-Yield ETFs Returning Value and Dividends to Investors

Four High-Yield ETFs Returning Value and Dividends to Investors

The stock market crash at the start of the so-called “coronacrisis,” was especially devastating to share prices in high yield sectors. I attribute the extra steep declines to what I have labeled a “liquidity event,” in which leveraged funds using the high yield investments were forced to sell, sell, sell, to avoid becoming leveraged into […]

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4 High-Yield Dividend Traps to Sell Now

I review a lot of high-yield investments. You likely are aware that an investment gets priced for a higher-than-typical yield because of the potential or possibility of a dividend rate reduction. The interesting part about a company’s decision to change its dividend is that it is a binary event. Either the dividend is cut, or […]