Author: Dennis Miller

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OK, You’re Debt Free, Now What?

I recently interviewed, Aja McClanahan, who told us how she and her husband built a plan that took seven years to pay off $120,000 in debt. At a young age, they are now debt-free! While they should celebrate, becoming debt-free is just one major milestone in a longer journey. It’s exciting and frustrating to finally get […]

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Will Your Nest Egg Suffer Collateral Damage In A Trade War?

The politically motivated press is having a heyday with the Trump Tariffs and ensuing trade war. Trump calls it negotiations while much of the media predicts Armageddon. How does an individual investor sort through all the media hype, separate facts from hyperbole, and protect their life savings? Good friend Jeff Clark’s recent article,“The Russians Are […]

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Savvy Investor Don’t Get Fooled

When I taught in night school my professor insisted I attend a full-day conference on “Effective Teaching Methods”. The speaker list was full of well accredited academics. The morning consisted of 3-4 speakers outlining their intellectual theories. They rambled on, under the illusion the audience was enthralled with their brilliance. The afternoon speaker told a […]

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Rubbers, Runways, Robbers & Rewards

Consumers love rewards programs, whether it’s cash back, free miles or a free dessert at their local eatery. They’re generally a tit-for-tat, you do business with them and they reward you for doing so. Our article, “Does Government Debt Really Matter?” generated interesting responses. Subscriber Bob O. lamented how our government is borrowing billions and wasting it. […]

Are Investors Trapped?

Are Investors Trapped?

During the season, the waters in the Florida Keys are decorated with various colored buoys attached to lobster traps. The symbols are akin to branding cattle. Don’t even think about rustling lobster from someone else’s trap! You could end up in the middle of the ocean with a sinking boat full of bullet holes. Lobster […]

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Some Young People Are Catching On!

The Cambridge University computer crashed when famous physicist, Steven Hawking published his doctoral thesis. He says, “Each generation stands on the shoulders of those who have gone before them, just as I did as a young Ph.D. student in Cambridge, inspired by the work of Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, and Albert Einstein.” “Each generation goes […]

A Fly (Spy) On The Wall

A Fly (Spy) On The Wall

The conversation started when daughter Holly asked, “Are you really going to drive for over six hours to meet a guy for lunch?” “Yep!” I said. My wife Jo chimed in, “Dennis is good friends with Chuck Butler who retired from EverBank and writes the Daily Pfennig. They will probably spend 1 1/2 hours solving […]

If you do business with organized crime – Be Careful!

If you do business with organized crime – Be Careful!

When we last checked, since 2009 the top banks had been fined a total of $204 billion. Bloomberg now reports,“Wells Fargo’s $1 Billion Pact Gives US Power to Fire Managers”: “The settlement covers issues in Wells Fargo’s auto-lending and mortgage units. The bank revealed last year that it had forced unwanted insurance on customers who took […]

Make Your Milestones Count!

Make Your Milestones Count!

The Florida Keys are a special part of the world. Longtime residents, referred to as conchs (pronounced conks) have a unique and different culture – a much simpler, laid-back, and relaxed lifestyle. The Keys are a series of islands connected by one road, US-1. The drive from the Florida mainland to Key West is a […]