Author: Dennis Miller

Restocking The Swamp

Restocking The Swamp

America is going through a regime change, out with the old, and in with the new. Oh really! With the entrenched political establishment, the faces may change, but the swamp remains. Pundit Bill Bonner recently wrote, “Bush, Obama, Trump…and presently, the hack from Delaware…all share the same goal – to keep the elites in power, at […]

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What’s Going To Happen To The Dollar?

I was not surprised when the Wall Street Journal reported, “Senate Moves to Confirm Trump Fed Nominee Waller, but Shelton’s Candidacy Hits Likely Dead End.” Waller is an insider, currently working for the St. Louis Fed, while Shelton is an advocate of returning to the gold standard. Ms. Shelton was described by some senators as […]

Guaranteed Safe Fixed Income Is Still Possible, If You Know Where To Find It

Guaranteed Safe Fixed Income Is Still Possible, If You Know Where To Find It

Why do retirees crave guaranteed fixed income? It’s simple. Retiring comfortably is having enough money to enjoy your lifestyle, without constantly having to worry about money. Prior to the 2008 bank bailouts, Certificates of Deposit and top-quality bonds filled that role well. Current interest rates are pathetic. At current rates, CDs and quality bonds are guaranteed […]

PhD Economics Versus Common Sense

PhD Economics Versus Common Sense

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman is at it again. He recently wrote, “US needs a really, really big relief package to keep its economy afloat.” Mr. Krugman’s opinions vary, depending on the political landscape. In late October 2016, anticipating the election of Hillary Clinton, he wrote, “Debt, Diversion, Distraction”. “Are debt scolds demanding that we slash spending […]

The Fox Guarding The Hen House  Is Stealing Your Nest Egg

The Fox Guarding The Hen House Is Stealing Your Nest Egg

I recently interviewed Chuck Butler about JP Morgan’s recent admission to five felony counts and $1 billion fine. I asked, “When Is It Going To End?” Right after finishing the interview, ZeroHedge reported: “Goldman Sachs is reportedly on the cusp of settling one of the biggest criminal cases involving a Wall Street bank since the financial crisis: According […]

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When Is It Going To End?

No, I’m not talking about the political hatred dividing our country. My concern is something deeper. If it doesn’t end, the political divide will grow worse. Wall Street On Parade (WSOP) reports JPMorgan Chase is caught once again: “…. JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the United States, has admitted to an unprecedented five criminal felony counts […]

Targeting Safe Income?  Preferred Stocks Can Help

Targeting Safe Income? Preferred Stocks Can Help

In early 2020, much of the world went into a lockdown due to a medical pandemic. Governments warned millions could die. The world was scared. Headlines like, “Coronavirus sparks stock market chaos” were common. Wikipedia reports: “During March 2020, global stocks saw a downturn of at least 25%, and 30% in most G20 nations. …. […]

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Are Preferred Stocks Safe?

I’m still angry! I recently wrote about our “capitulation”. Tim Plaehn explained: “The yield for passive investors in fixed income products is terrible. Savers and retirees start looking for other ways to make their money grow. Just like you and Jo, many investors have moved into stocks out of necessity rather than desire.” (Emphasis mine) Tim was polite. Why […]

The Perils Of Inflation

The Perils Of Inflation

Inflation is defined as, “A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of currency.” Inflation is a silent killer of retirement dreams. Most retiree’s income can’t keep up with inflation; even with the social security inflation rider. Jeff Clark’s article, “How to Deprogram Your Friends & Family from the Cult of Fiat Currency,” […]