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3 High-Yield Income Stocks for Conservative Investors

3 High-Yield Income Stocks for Conservative Investors

When it comes to income stocks, my investment strategy is aggressive. By aggressive I mean that I search out the highest yield stocks I can find where my research shows that the dividends should be secure. I understand that with this type of high-yield stock, even the best stock research won’t let me avoid the […]

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Investing With Time Remaining On The Clock

Jo and I were watching an exciting hockey game between our favorite team (Tampa Bay Lightning) versus the Philadelphia Flyers. Tampa had a 3-0 lead with six minutes left on the clock. The referee sent a Tampa player to the penalty box. For those unfamiliar with hockey, the penalty box is an adult “time out”, […]

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Removing The Rose Colored Glasses

I’m excited! We’re in for a real treat. We’re going to gain a unique look at what’s going on in the world and how we can protect ourselves. I’m a long-time subscriber to Richard Maybury’s “US & World Early Warning Report”. Richard offers a different perspective from any other newsletter I subscribe to. His candid approach to […]

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How Do You Know When You Have Good Debt or Bad Debt?

Remember when pundits suggested the way to get rich quick was to use “Other People’s Money” (OPM)? They pointed to real estate empires and stock market success resulting from investors leveraging debt to accumulate wealth. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I moved to Atlanta during the cable TV boom. Several friends worked for […]

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How to Generate Income While Doing Nothing

In the investing world, generating income typically refers to slow, predictable payments from an investment over time. It may be a stock paying dividends or a bond with coupon payments. With options, generating income usually refers to selling options and collecting premium from option buyers. The most common income generating strategy using options is the […]