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Make This Bullish Call Trade On a Grocery Store Meeting the Needs of Cash-Strapped Consumers

Shares of Grocery Outlet Holding (GO) have dropped over 20% since reaching a 52-week peak of $48.87 in early November. Some of the selling pressure came ahead of the company’s third-quarter earnings announcement and continued afterwards despite an impressive quarter. Grocery Outlet reported third-quarter earnings of 50 cents a share on revenue just north of […]

Indianapolis - Circa July 2017: Ride sharing companies Lyft and Uber pickup spot at the airport. Lyft and Uber have replaced many Taxi cabs for transportation I

Trading UBER and LYFT Now That They’re An Election Issue

2020 flipped the investment world on its head. Many stocks that had been investor favorites like UBER and LYFT heading into the year were forgotten in favor of companies that could thrive during a pandemic. To put it simply, the coronavirus pandemic changed the entire investment landscape. One industry that was enormously impacted by the […]

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Producing 100% Total Returns From Busted Dividend Stocks

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of companies slashed common stock dividends. Many saw business operations significantly affected and did not have the cash to pay the previous dividend rate. Others chose to cut dividends as a defense against a suddenly uncertain future. In both cases, income-focused investors were devastated as share […]

ARCC, GBDC, ORCC Are All Trading At a Discount and Paying Over 10%

ARCC, GBDC, ORCC Are All Trading At a Discount and Paying Over 10%

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting financial crisis turned investors either for or against different stock market sectors. Tech, biotech, drug companies, and large-cap retailers landed on the “loved by investors” list. Energy, financials, and even utilities fell out of favor and remain down for the year, even as the major indexes stay at or near […]

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 15, 2018: Treasury Building entrance, headquarters of United States Department of the Treasury

Bond Yields Drop to 234-Year Low

The 10-year Treasury bond now yields 0.5% Last Friday, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note dropped to 0.520%. According to Deutsche Bank, that’s the lowest yield in 234 years. Whenever you see stats like this, know that someone is getting a little creative. What they’re doing is splicing data from other sources to come […]

UBS Launches 4 Leveraged ETFs After 12 Collapse in April

UBS Launches 4 Leveraged ETFs After 12 Collapse in April

In March and April, the pandemic-triggered stock market crash hit the high-yield investment sectors, especially hard. Exchange-traded funds and notes (ETFs, ETNs) lost up to 90% of their value in a very short time. UBS to Redeem Two Leveraged Mortgage ETNs After 95% Plunge “Leveraged” is the word to note. Before the COVID crisis, there […]