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Why I love Dividends – and Stock Buybacks, Too

Like everybody else, I love dividends. Always have and always will. I am also a big fan of stock buybacks. I get a kick out of the endless debate about stock buybacks. They are neither good nor bad in and of themselves. Stock buybacks are fantastic at low valuations with funds generated by the business. […]

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This “Special Situation” Could Get You 30%+ Profits

I am a huge fan of special situation investing. Situations that involve unusual buying activity by insiders or corporate activists, merger arbitrage and bidding wars, and other unusual events can offer the opportunity for outsized profits no matter what the markets might do. Sir John Templeton once remarked that it is impossible to beat the […]

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How to Use Dividends to Find the Best Tech Stock

When we talk about tech stock investing, we hear discussions of all sorts about different measures used for picking stocks. For example, some tech investors use year-over-year revenue growth. Others subscribe to a theory that has been floating around for many years, that the secret to picking tech stocks was looking at the percentage of […]

The Simple Truth About How to Beat the Market

The Simple Truth About How to Beat the Market

I have a well-developed, heavily researched theory about individual investors – and plenty of empirical data to prove the theory. You’ll have to forgive me, but it goes against what you’ll hear on MarketWatch, CNBC, Fox Business Network, and the like. It’s a theory that has a huge impact on your finances and your future. […]

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Is Now When the Fed Pauses The Rate Hikes?

It is a confusing time to be an investor, especially if your primary investing goal is generating a stream of income. We are in bear market territory on the back of successive rate hikes as I write this but there is an almost total absence of real fear. As we saw in last Friday’s 658-point […]

Do This Now as Markets Plunge

Do This Now as Markets Plunge

Today we’re featuring Tim Melvin, the newest investing expert here at Investor’s Alley, here in Options Floor Trader. He brings 30+ years of investing experience and expertise in alternative strategies to create income and returns that don’t depend on the S&P 500 going up. Today, as markets are falling and fear is building, he has […]

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We’re About to Make a Lot of Money Together

We have a special treat for you today: a special message from Tim Melvin, our newest investing expert here at Investors Alley. Anyone interested in getting steady income while beating the market should pay special attention to what he has to say… Especially as the markets are tanking and the investment strategies that have worked […]

I Probably Shouldn’t Say This, But…

I Probably Shouldn’t Say This, But…

Tim Plaehn here, with a very special treat for you. Today, I’m introducing you to our newest investing expert here at Investors Alley. You’re going to be hearing more about him and about his very successful investing approach soon… (Anyone interested in income investing, like me, should pay special attention…) And today, he’s prepared a […]