Make This Trade For a 20% Drop in General Electric

Make This Trade For a 20% Drop in General Electric

It’s pretty safe to say that every investor has heard of General Electric (NYSE: GE). For many years, it was the largest public company in the world with upper management nearly akin to rock stars. During the company’s amazing run atop the world’s greatest companies, GE was known for innovation and stellar management. Heck, the […]

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Should You Use Stop Losses in This Market?

The market is bouncing up and down like Marqeus Haynes dribbled a basketball. Are stop losses necessary? Investors are edgy. Money and Markets reports – “Alarming Survey: Record Number of Fund Managers More Bearish than 08 Crisis”. “…. Bank of America’s monthly survey…is warning investors to take caution and heed the market’s warning signs. …investors managing about $646 billion […]

An Easy Trade to Make Money From Recent Market Turmoil

An Easy Trade to Make Money From Recent Market Turmoil

Trading market volatility can very profitable because it tends to be more predictable than picking market direction. Yet, volatility trading can also be risky because of its tendency to make big moves on very short notice. Both February and October of 2018 are good examples of this scenario playing out. Still, one volatility behavior you […]

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How Do You Pick Good Investments Out of Newsletters?

When David Galland approached me about writing an investment newsletter, I said, “I’m not a stock picker, I try to pick them out of newsletters. Sometimes I even screw that up!”. David asked me to explain. Expensive lessons In the late 1990’s I self-managed our retirement fund. The market soared; between 1995-2000 the S&P went […]

A Quick Way to Make 488% on The Resurgence In Volatility

A Quick Way to Make 488% on The Resurgence In Volatility

It seemed like we were in for a quiet October. The Fed made its expected rate increase and didn’t have any other surprises in its FOMC statement from September. There isn’t another FOMC meeting until November. Mid-term elections will certainly be big news but also aren’t until November. All the ingredients were there for an […]

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Rolled Your 401(k) Into A Self-Directed IRA? What Comes Next?

Today I can fess up to a secret… Lou Betancourt, founder and president of Street Authority contacted me. I was flattered when someone as highly respected as Lou asked for permission to publish some of our articles. Street Authority has several subscription investment publications and a mailing list 100+ times bigger than our little publication. […]

Lieutenant Col. Robert Glover, director of the Al Qaim regional Civil-Military Operations Center, counts out the money in a condolence payment to an Iraqi citizen whose home was damaged in a mortar attack. The CMOC is a function of 6th Civil Affairs Group in Husaybah, Iraq.

A Cheap and Quick Trade To Get Long Volatility

2018 has been one of the more interesting years lately in terms of market volatility.  We’ve had a chance to see both ends of the volatility spectrum – ultra-low volatility and a financial-crisis like spike in the VIX.  It’s not often that both sides of the scale are in play in the same 12-month period. […]

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Investors Beware Of Central Bank Deception!

Chuck Butler’s recent Dow Theory Letter article (behind paywall), “Central Bank Frustrations” was an eye-opener. Chuck removes any illusions about “trusting” central bankers. He quotes former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke: “Given the fundamental factors in place that should support the demand for housing, we believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader […]