Senior couple with sad emotions during the meeting with financial consultant, signing some agreement in the office

The Working Class Challenge

Shortly after publishing our article, “What Happens When All Our Wealth Is Gone?” I received a heartfelt letter from subscriber Bill C. He speaks for many concerned, hard-working people: “First, I want to THANK YOU for writing a top notch and informative newsletter. It is one of the few emails that I get that I read immediately […]


Three Rules for Boosting Your Trading Profits Today

As an active trader I’m amazed more people don’t trade options. Options not only allow you to lower your risk but also allow you the opportunity to mimic a stock portfolio, but with a lot less money. Now, who wouldn’t want to make bigger profits and risk less of their money? I take pride in […]

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 9: Nasdaq Marketsite in 4 Times Square on September 9, 2016 in New York. This is the marketing presence of the Nasdaq stock market.

Five Key Indicators for Landing Top Profits

I make stock and options recommendations based on what the charts—not the talking heads and suit-and-ties on financial TV networks—tell me. I spend many hours every week analyzing stock charts, support and resistance levels, moving averages, and numerous other technical indicators of the major indices and stocks to ensure that I’m bringing you recommendations that […]