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Is 5G A Myth, Miracle Or Meh?

Last summer I went to my local Verizon store and “upgraded” to a new cell phone. I was encouraged to spend the extra money to be able to receive a 5G signal, touted as revolutionary technology. I sure didn’t want to miss out! We’re bombarded with commercials from various carriers touting their terrific 5G coverage. […]

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How American Retirees are Getting Scammed Out of $30 Trillion

The American Dream is simple: A fruitful career, owning your own home, and eventually reaping the fruits of your labor with a financially secure retirement. Unfortunately, for most Americans, the ‘American Dream’ is turning into just that: A dream. And it’s all thanks to what I call the $30 Trillion Retirement Scam”, you may be […]

Are Storm Clouds Brewing Without Us Realizing It?

Are Storm Clouds Brewing Without Us Realizing It?

What is the Federal Reserve up to? Do they see a huge storm on their radar they are not telling us about? The banking/investment world has changed radically since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act allowing banks to merge with Wall Street investment firms. I recently asked, “Will The Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?” and followed it […]

Coronavirus Rocks Wall Street

Coronavirus Rocks Wall Street

The Market’s Long Nap Comes to an End While This Company Raises Dividends For a 37th Straight Time The stock market got rocked this week as fears of Coronavirus finally spooked traders. On Monday, the S&P 500 had its worst day in more than two years, and the heavy selling continued into Tuesday. What’s interesting […]

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Finding Sunshine In All Types Of Weather

My instrument check ride was already scheduled when I got a call from Larry, my flight instructor. He told me to come out to the airport immediately, today would be one of the best learning experiences he could offer. It was a cloudy, soppy, rainy day; nothing going on, so I drove to the airport. […]