Preferred Shares

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For Preferred Income, This Active ETF is the Only Way to Go

Recently I received a note from a long-time subscriber asking what was going on with the Dividend Hunter recommended preferred stock ETFs. During the Covid crash, these ETFs and preferred shares in general were a great buy. With lower risk than regular shares, pre-fixed dividends, and fire-sale prices, those of my Dividend Hunter subscribers who […]

How to Fix Your 401(k) Results Today

How to Fix Your 401(k) Results Today

It doesn’t take much time on Google before you find headlines like these: The Last Thing the Polarized US Needs Is a Spike in Food Prices and a Collapse In 401(k)s… It’ll Probably Get Both (source) Financial expert urges caution as $7T stock market slump sends 401(k)s tanking and some joke their retirement accounts are […]

Preferred Stock Income “On Sale” Right Now

Preferred Stock Income “On Sale” Right Now

Stock market disruptions create opportunities for investors who can differentiate between investments that are in trouble versus those that are not. Lower prices provide the potential for great long-term returns, and with rising interest rates and stocks in correction territory, preferred stocks offer an excellent opportunity to lock in long-term high yields. Here are a […]

All You Need to Know About Preferred Shares

All You Need to Know About Preferred Shares

Dear Investor, When the coronavirus pandemic triggered a stock market crash in the first quarter of 2020, I added, for the first time, individual preferred stocks to the Dividend Hunter recommendations list.  It has now been more than a year since that first recommendation, and I am convinced more than ever that preferred stock investments, […]

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Finding Safety and Yield Out of 581 Preferred Stocks

Nearly every day, I hear from my newsletter subscribers expressing concern about a possible stock market “crash.” The crash prediction gig is a good one, with excellent compensation and no accountability. Still, whether or not the markets are due for a tumble, we should be aware of the risks in our portfolios and have some […]

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The Three Criteria For Choosing Preferred Stocks

The early days of 2021 sure feel a lot different for investors compared to the first quarter of 2020. Last year we survived through a stock market crash that was especially hard on the different types of high-yield investments. At the time, I recommended great income opportunities to my Dividend Hunter subscribers on the cheap […]

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Preferred Stocks: Higher Yields, Safer Dividends

Before the coronavirus pandemic and resulting financial crisis, I was lukewarm about preferred stocks. For my Dividend Hunter service, I felt that high-yield common shares provided all the opportunity needed to build an attractive income stream. The pandemic-triggered stock market crash and numerous dividend reductions and suspensions pushed me to reevaluate my thoughts about individual […]