Investing Strategies

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How Do You Know When You Have Good Debt or Bad Debt?

Remember when pundits suggested the way to get rich quick was to use “Other People’s Money” (OPM)? They pointed to real estate empires and stock market success resulting from investors leveraging debt to accumulate wealth. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I moved to Atlanta during the cable TV boom. Several friends worked for […]

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How to Generate Income While Doing Nothing

In the investing world, generating income typically refers to slow, predictable payments from an investment over time. It may be a stock paying dividends or a bond with coupon payments. With options, generating income usually refers to selling options and collecting premium from option buyers. The most common income generating strategy using options is the […]

The Best Investment for the Demise of Big Oil

The Best Investment for the Demise of Big Oil

When’s the last time you looked at the price of crude oil? How about natural gas prices? With all the crazy things going on in the world right now, it’s easy to overlook something as mundane as the oil & gas markets. Sure, the fossil fuel industry grabbed some headlines due to the intense hurricane […]

How to Avoid 5 Common Investing Mistakes

Investing is not a game. The stakes are very real. If you make a mistake, real money is lost… money that you have worked very hard to attain. Mess up here and you can foul up your plans for your ‘golden years’ Or perhaps helping your children with skyrocketing college costs. Or whatever you’re planning […]