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Bitcoin Investing: How to Safely Own “Digital Gold”

Endorsed by a large portion of the investing community now, bitcoin has emerged as a legitimate alternative to gold for hedging your portfolio. If you have never heard of bitcoin, use this article to find out if it’s a viable investment for your portfolio.  Here’s a quick quiz for readers: what was the top performing […]

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The 3 Golden Rules of Successful Biotech Investing

If you want to invest successfully in one of the few sectors where 1,000% gains are anything but unusual, follow these three “golden rules” that Bret Jensen has developed over his decades-long career. The 45th President of the United States will be inaugurated this week and the stock market has started out 2017 on much […]

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These Bitcoin Stock Winners Will Ride the Digital Currency to Profits

Just because Bitcoin is a disruptive technology doesn’t mean we won’t see some Bitcoin stock winners – companies that will exploit the digital currency for the benefit of their own businesses. We can find Bitcoin stock winners in several industries. Some are reaping a benefit now, while others will need to wait a few years […]

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