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When Do You Sell A Stock Paying 18% That’s Tripled in Price?

What a difference a vaccine makes! I am talking, of course about how my Dividend Hunter readers—the ones getting an average of 9% yields on our portfolio holdings—feel about their income-focused, stock market investments in light of the good news last Monday about an effective coronavirus vaccine. The news lit a fire under share prices […]


Buying 9%, 11%, and 15% Secure Dividends at Bargain Prices

It is an exciting time to be an income-focused investor. Business results are improving, yet share prices have not recovered from the February-March crash. The lack of share price recovery allows us to pick up shares of solid income stocks at excellent yields. Who wouldn’t like earning 9%, 11%, or even 15% from an investment […]

Buy These 3 High Yield Stocks on a Buyback Binge

Buy These 3 High Yield Stocks on a Buyback Binge

There is frustration among numerous management teams of companies with high-dividend yields that the stock market has not credited for continued dividend payments. The result has been stock prices that fell and stayed down, resulting in tremendously high yields on the shares. I admire the companies that have protected their investors by not cutting dividends; […]

Get Paid a 10% Dividend Buying Gold

Get Paid a 10% Dividend Buying Gold

My title at Investors Alley is Lead Investment Research Analyst for Income and Dividend Investing. My focus is on helping investors build sustainable, high-yield income streams from their portfolios. I don’t have much use for stocks that don’t pay dividends or bond funds with near-zero yields. However, I do see value in owning precious metals, […]

ST. PAUL, MN/USA - MARCH 3, 2019: JC Penny retail store exterior and trademark logo. J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is an American department store chain.

High-Yield REITs SPG and BPY Look To Be Big Winners In J.C. Penney Bankruptcy

Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? I’m not so sure. My research points to a different paradigm for retail sales. I believe you will see more coordination and integration between traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets and the large online sellers. Instead of competing for market share, the smart retailers from both sides of the digital divide will combine […]