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Trade of the Decade: Buy THIS in the Corona-Crash

Trade of the Decade: Buy THIS in the Corona-Crash

The U.S. economy remains mostly shut down to combat the spread of COVID-19. Only history will tell if the politicians got it right. One thing we know is that the shutdown did produce a stock market crash. The challenge now is to find investments that will provide superior returns in what will become the new […]

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Here’s a List of 5 Companies Ready To Suspend Dividends

The COVID-19 outbreak led to the unprecedented shutdown of a large swath of the global economy. Companies now face the challenges of reduced sales, revenues, and profits. This new reality has a more significant effect on dividend-paying stocks and the investors that own the shares. Companies that don’t pay dividends don’t have to think about […]

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How You Can “Buy” the Retirement of Your Dreams Today

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us once again that life can be unpredictable. The uncertainty produced by these situations is real. Many people give in to the fear, leading to actions such as hoarding toilet paper and dumping investments to lock in their losses. Others look for opportunities to improve their futures. A rearview mirror […]