Becoming a Successful Dividend Investor in 2021

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My Dividend Hunter service has evolved to the point where subscribers have access to a tremendous amount of income investment information and advice. I get tons of questions for which the answers are readily available in the subscriber materials. So in 2020, I started presenting a quarterly live New Subscriber Orientation webinar.

Over and over, I hear how much subscribers appreciate the level of communication I provide through the Dividend Hunter service.

If you are interested in the Dividend Hunter, joining before the next one will allow you to join in on the New Subscriber webinar. It will be live on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. (Click here for how to get on the list.) Here is an overview of the topics I will cover:

  • How to get started, even with a small amount of money. I provide a Start Out Portfolio with the first five stocks you should buy. This is helpful to those with little to know experience with high-yield investing.
  • How Dividend Hunters get to stop worrying about share prices. You will quickly become ready to buy shares when prices drop. Buy low—a novel concept!
  • Communications you would receive as a Dividend Hunter, including a Stock of the Week pick and my Weekly Mailbag video.
  • How much money you should expect to earn as a Dividend Hunter investor. The focus is on dividend income, and you will be surprised at the average yield of the recommended portfolio.

The Dividend Hunter is not a “hot stock” service. I invest my money for long-term financial security plus earn a great income from my portfolio. While I know you love to learn about new individual stocks, I regularly stress and discuss how to put together your own high-yield focused portfolio.

I hope this webinar overview sounds like the type of investment information that would help you with investing success. I’ll close with a couple of real, unsolicited testimonials my readers have sent me over the years. The full list is very long, so we’ll keep it to two for today:

“I want to thank you and the team. I’m 58 with about $1.5 million in retirement accounts. I thought I was doing good with my dividends until I started with Dividend Hunter. Your suggestions have doubled my annual income dividends. Because they are in IRAs etc., they’ll keep growing until the time is right to retire.”
–David S.

“Thanks for teaching the Forever Dividends Master Class. I have believed in your strategy for many years. I found you on the internet while looking for high-paying dividend stocks. You have helped me refocus my efforts to save for retirement.”
–Jim M.

If you’re interested in joining me next week and want to see how the Dividend Hunter portfolio and strategy can deliver a stream of endless income click here to get on the list.

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