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6 Questions To Ask During This Earnings Season

6 Questions To Ask During This Earnings Season

Every earnings season, I check the results from hundreds of publicly traded companies. In the past, for most companies, a quick scan of the earnings results would show whether or not a company remained on its expected trajectory. The 2020 fourth-quarter earnings results will be very different. They will tell the tale of a very […]

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Five Key Indicators for Landing Top Profits

I make stock and options recommendations based on what the charts—not the talking heads and suit-and-ties on financial TV networks—tell me. I spend many hours every week analyzing stock charts, support and resistance levels, moving averages, and numerous other technical indicators of the major indices and stocks to ensure that I’m bringing you recommendations that […]

What is Volatility Predicting for the Stock Market?

What is Volatility Predicting for the Stock Market?

Stock market volatility is arguably one of the most misunderstood concepts in investing but can be an extremely important technical tool when it is used to analyze the stock market. To start, volatility is often referred to as the fear gauge, and the range of price change the stock market can experience over a given […]

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The Three Criteria For Choosing Preferred Stocks

The early days of 2021 sure feel a lot different for investors compared to the first quarter of 2020. Last year we survived through a stock market crash that was especially hard on the different types of high-yield investments. At the time, I recommended great income opportunities to my Dividend Hunter subscribers on the cheap […]


Becoming a Successful Dividend Investor in 2021

My Dividend Hunter service has evolved to the point where subscribers have access to a tremendous amount of income investment information and advice. I get tons of questions for which the answers are readily available in the subscriber materials. So in 2020, I started presenting a quarterly live New Subscriber Orientation webinar. Over and over, […]

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Preferred Stocks: Higher Yields, Safer Dividends

Before the coronavirus pandemic and resulting financial crisis, I was lukewarm about preferred stocks. For my Dividend Hunter service, I felt that high-yield common shares provided all the opportunity needed to build an attractive income stream. The pandemic-triggered stock market crash and numerous dividend reductions and suspensions pushed me to reevaluate my thoughts about individual […]

PhD Economics Versus Common Sense

PhD Economics Versus Common Sense

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman is at it again. He recently wrote, “US needs a really, really big relief package to keep its economy afloat.” Mr. Krugman’s opinions vary, depending on the political landscape. In late October 2016, anticipating the election of Hillary Clinton, he wrote, “Debt, Diversion, Distraction”. “Are debt scolds demanding that we slash spending […]