Accelerating Dividends

These Could Be the Hottest Dividend Stocks Right Now

These Could Be the Hottest Dividend Stocks Right Now

Over the last six months, different high-yield sectors have caught up with the broader market’s gains kicked off a year ago. Higher share prices mean lower yields for income-focused investors, and with most of these stocks, current yields are markedly lower than they were a few months ago. I have recently reviewed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), […]

Top 10 Reasons I Love Dividends, And You Should Too

Top 10 Reasons I Love Dividends, And You Should Too

Over the decades, I have seen friends, relatives, and acquaintances lose their entire investment portfolios due to stock market crashes. Some of these folks, along with many, many other investors, gave in to fear and sold at the worst time in the markets. In truth, the human nature pushes most investors to follow the greed […]

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These Two 8%+ Yield Income Stocks Are Still a Bargain

Unless you subscribe to the “greater fool” theory, it is hard to pick up shares of most stocks at current prices. While much of the U.S. economy remains throttled by the pandemic, the major stock indexes and popular tech stocks continue to set new record high prices. While the popular stocks and sectors appear extremely […]


Becoming a Successful Dividend Investor in 2021

My Dividend Hunter service has evolved to the point where subscribers have access to a tremendous amount of income investment information and advice. I get tons of questions for which the answers are readily available in the subscriber materials. So in 2020, I started presenting a quarterly live New Subscriber Orientation webinar. Over and over, […]

Buy My Top 2 High-Yield Dividend Picks For 2021

Buy My Top 2 High-Yield Dividend Picks For 2021

Each year I am asked by the MoneyShow folks to submit two stock recommendations for the new year. These recommendations are published on the MoneyShow website as well as mainstream financial websites, such as Forbes. I always put out one aggressive stock pick and one conservative one. Since my focus is the Dividend Hunter, both […]

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Beaten Down Income Stocks to Buy For the Recovery After COVID

In my high-yield investment service, the Dividend Hunter, the economic and social disruptions of 2020 forced a host of changes in my recommended investments and portfolio management guidance. As we move into 2021, I suspect investors will need to remain vigilant about business conditions as the coronavirus pandemic hopefully comes under control. Here are things […]

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Turn Any Stock into a Source of Steady Income

My email inbox regularly fills with questions about how to reach a certain level of monthly retirement income. The notes typically come from retired or nearly-retired individuals who realize their retirement savings at the financial advisor-recommended 4% annual withdrawal rate will not produce the amount of income wanted or needed. I want to share one […]