Accelerating Dividends

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Finding Safety and Yield Out of 581 Preferred Stocks

Nearly every day, I hear from my newsletter subscribers expressing concern about a possible stock market “crash.” The crash prediction gig is a good one, with excellent compensation and no accountability. Still, whether or not the markets are due for a tumble, we should be aware of the risks in our portfolios and have some […]

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Retirement Investing Shock: $1 Million Is No Longer Enough

Recently, Bloomberg highlighted a research report on retirement investing that found a large percentage of relatively affluent Americans believe it will take “a miracle” for them to be able to stop working and retire. Part of me was shocked, but the other part understood those feelings on retirement investing. The Bloomberg article sourced a 2021 […]

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Prepare Your Portfolio for a La Niña Winter

It’s only September, and natural gas prices are already skyrocketing in Europe and the United Kingdom. A forecast La Niña weather pattern, plus lack of energy security, could leave Europeans and Brits either sitting in the cold and dark or force the companies into a bidding war for U.S. sourced natural gas. My sources in […]

Top 10 Reasons I Love Dividends, And You Should Too

Top 10 Reasons I Love Dividends, And You Should Too

Over the decades, I have seen friends, relatives, and acquaintances lose their entire investment portfolios due to stock market crashes. Some of these folks, along with many, many other investors, gave in to fear and sold at the worst time in the markets. In truth, the human nature pushes most investors to follow the greed […]

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Three BDCs for Further Research After Raising Dividends

The universe of Business Development Companies (BDCs) is a popular hunting ground for yield-focused investors. Many companies in the sector offer the attractive combination of stable dividends and yields of 8% or more. Today I want to look at three BDCs that are not currently on my Dividend Hunter recommendations list, but that have recently […]

Delta Variant Dip Buying in The Energy Sector

Delta Variant Dip Buying in The Energy Sector

The continued spread of the coronavirus delta variant raises investor concerns that broader restrictions to halt the spread will once again slow economic activity. The delta threat has triggered fears about the prospects for specific market sectors. On the other hand, investors who believe the fears are overblown—as I do—can do well by buying on […]

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More From the Closed-End Fund Part of the Market

Last week, in my monthly deep dive stock report for my Dividend Hunter Insiders, I dug into a closed-end fund. For this monthly member benefit, I solicit stock ideas from our subscribers and then pick one for an in-depth report. My research goes in many directions, and this one took me to some very compelling […]