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NIO ES6 electric SUV semi-autonomous car on display near Chinese automobile manufacturer NIO software development office in Silicon Valley - San Jose, California, USA - 2019

Three Best Buys for Electric Vehicle Stocks in 2022

Electric vehicle (EV) stocks could be some of the biggest winners of 2022, and three of the top EV stocks investors may want to consider for next year are Tesla (TSLA), Nio Inc. (NIO), and Li Auto (LI). When it comes to EV investment opportunities, Tesla is, of course, one of the top stocks. Tesla […]

Stratasys Emerging as 3D Printing Leader

Stratasys Emerging as 3D Printing Leader

The 3D printing industry is a fascinating look at how technology has accelerated since the adoption of the space from just five or six years ago. New applications like polymer printing and other innovations that include aerospace, medical and construction have created a wider range of potential items that can now be produced. Simply put, […]

Aug 1, 2019 San Jose / CA / USA - CISCO sign in front of the headquarters in Silicon Valley; Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate

How to Earn More from Holding Cisco

If you traded during the dotcom boom of the late ’90s, you probably have fond memories of Cisco Systems (CSCO). The Silicon Valley networking giant was one of the most popular stocks of that era—for several years, the price of the stock did nothing but go up. [insert Cisco image we have in the media […]

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Giddy-Up on GoDaddy

Shares of GoDaddy (GDDY) are once again making a run at all-time highs after building a nice base of support throughout June. GDDY is best known for its website domain businesses, but it is also expanding into other areas that should significantly enhance its bottom line. GDDY recently announced the launch of GoDaddy Payments, a […]

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ARKK Implosion: Using Options to Profit From It

Over the past few weeks, the theme in the stock market has been a selloff in the tech sector. Several high-fliers from 2020 and early this year have taken a beating. While many buzzworthy tech names seemed to be overvalued, they didn’t look like they would experience a pullback…that is, until they did. Perhaps the […]

Make This ARKK Trade if You Think Tech Looks Toppy

Make This ARKK Trade if You Think Tech Looks Toppy

It’s no secret that investors love tech stocks. After all, the most exciting innovation takes place in tech. (When’s the last time an exciting innovation in supply chain management caused a stock price to spike?) Of course, innovation often leads to growth. And growth… well, it makes shareholders money. No company has tapped into the […]

AAPL and TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors

AAPL and TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors

Recent stock split announcements by Apple and Tesla have lit a fire under the companies’ share prices. I suspect that many investors scooping up the shares are not aware of exactly how the splits will work. I am curious about how new-to-the-stock market investors will react when they discover that post-split their holdings are not […]