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The Real Budget Battle No One Will Discuss

The Real Budget Battle No One Will Discuss

President Trump released his proposed 2018 Federal Budget. The battle lines are drawn. Expect to be inundated with articles like “The rich get richer, and the poor get…” We will quickly be fed up with class warfare, emotional bleeding hearts and hysterical politicos distorting statistics while pandering votes. The final result will be a pathetic “compromise”. Remember, […]

How to Trade Facebook Earnings

How to Trade Facebook Earnings

Earnings season is upon us again, seemingly out of nowhere. Has it already been three months since last quarter’s results were released? Well, many of the most widely followed companies don’t report until November, so I guess we have some time to come up with earnings-related trading ideas. Most of the time, traders think of […]

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When Do You Sell Good Dividend Paying Stocks?

Which dividend stocks should you sell, and which should you keep? The stock market is setting records. Since the bank bailouts began in 2008, it’s no wonder. Interest rates dropped to historic lows, causing the stock market to soar. We recently discussed the acronym, TINA (There Is No Alternative). Investors, particularly baby boomers and retirees have few […]

3 Stocks to Harness the Power of Dividends

3 Stocks to Harness the Power of Dividends

You like free money? Yeah, I do, too. It’s why I love dividend stocks. Companies that offer dividends are so confident in their businesses that they’ll pay you some free “thank you” money, just for holding their shares. If your portfolio doesn’t include stable, dividend-paying stocks… well, you’re missing out on free money. History bears […]

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Retirement Investing – Picking the Lesser of the Evils

When the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks, interest rates hit historic lows. Safe, good yielding fixed income investments disappeared. Investors were forced to put more of their capital at risk to earn a decent return. A recent article by Matthew Kerkhoff in the Dow Theory Letters titled, “Where Did TINA Go?” grabbed my attention. The bailouts […]

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The One Thing Retirees Fear More Than Death

I thought I was clever in my early 20’s when I said to my car pool buddies, “How come there is so much month left at the end of the money?” As the month wore on, more brown paper sacks with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches appeared. Sometimes we traded snacks just like when we […]

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Stop Losses Are a MUST For Retirement Investors

Dad pointed his finger at me, raised his voice and said, “Sit down, shut up, and listen!” His face was beet red; I’d pushed him too far. My parents invested in Certificates of Deposit ONLY – they never touched stocks. I showed dad charts from my economics professor outlining how much more an investor would […]

Sell These 3 REITs Before Rates Rise

Sell These 3 REITs Before Rates Rise

Investors in the residential mortgage backed securities owning real estate investment trusts (RMBS REITs) enjoyed a great run in 2017. These stocks have had share price gains of around 20% while paying double-digit dividend yields. The danger is that a quick upward spike in interest rates could quickly wipe out the recent gains. Finance REITs […]

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Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me!

In 2007 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told America that, despite soaring prices, the real estate market was fine and derivatives were nothing to worry about. In 2008 America was “surprised” when the Fed went into a crisis mode. Congress passed the controversial Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). It was supposed to be a one-time […]