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When Does Inevitable Inflation Become Imminent Inflation?

When Does Inevitable Inflation Become Imminent Inflation?

Jared Dillian’s “The 10th Man” article, “Coming Apart” grabbed my attention: “ZeroHedge is fond of saying: ‘On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.’ Let me add Dillian’s corollary to that: On a long enough timeline, everyone gets to be right. Who has consistently been wrong? The Austrian gold bugs always predict […]

Every Trader Uses This One Indicator Wrong (Very Wrong)

Every Trader Uses This One Indicator Wrong (Very Wrong)

Are moving averages very reliable for your trading? I actually use 3 different moving averages which I’ll share today. For some traders, it’s a ‘go-to’ indicator for selecting when to enter and exit and a position. I believe it’s not as simple as that. In fact, I believe if you only follow moving averages, you’ll […]

UK, October 2019: Sonos play black wireless speaker with pet dog looking

Sonos Proving to be a Sound Investment

Sonos (SONO) is a relatively new company that has only been trading on the major exchanges for a few years. In August 2018, the company priced its initial public offering at $15 a share, below the expected range of $17–$19. SONO made a splashy debut on the market, zooming 32% in its first day of […]

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What Happens When All Our Wealth Is Gone?

When I was dating my wife Jo, her 10-year-old daughter Holly learned I was a glutton for chocolate chip cookies. This adorable little lady grinned, loaded in the chocolate chips and baked an entire batch by herself. As she put the cookies on the cooling rack, I began to devour them. They were soft, moist […]


Three Rules for Boosting Your Trading Profits Today

As an active trader I’m amazed more people don’t trade options. Options not only allow you to lower your risk but also allow you the opportunity to mimic a stock portfolio, but with a lot less money. Now, who wouldn’t want to make bigger profits and risk less of their money? I take pride in […]

PASADENA, CA/USA - OCTOBER 25, 2014: GameStop retail store exterior. GameStop Corporation is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer.

GME: A Lesson in How A Short Squeeze Works

If you watch financial news, you are probably aware of the short squeeze initiated by retail traders that drove share prices of stocks like GameStop Corp. (GME) up more than 800% in a few days. It was the biggest story last week. I do not think the news reporters did a very good job explaining […]

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 9: Nasdaq Marketsite in 4 Times Square on September 9, 2016 in New York. This is the marketing presence of the Nasdaq stock market.

Five Key Indicators for Landing Top Profits

I make stock and options recommendations based on what the charts—not the talking heads and suit-and-ties on financial TV networks—tell me. I spend many hours every week analyzing stock charts, support and resistance levels, moving averages, and numerous other technical indicators of the major indices and stocks to ensure that I’m bringing you recommendations that […]

Tornado dollars to drain - crisis concept

What’s Going To Happen To The Dollar?

I was not surprised when the Wall Street Journal reported, “Senate Moves to Confirm Trump Fed Nominee Waller, but Shelton’s Candidacy Hits Likely Dead End.” Waller is an insider, currently working for the St. Louis Fed, while Shelton is an advocate of returning to the gold standard. Ms. Shelton was described by some senators as […]