A Safe Trade Hiding in Your House Right Now

Technical Analysis, Technology Stocks

Many traders are bottom-feeding beaten down tech stocks. 

Over the long term, that could work well… but if you’re looking for a nice intermediate trade, it could prove rough. 

That’s why, I’d rather look at sectors that are down… as most of the market is… but not very far down. 

I’m not talking about investing in energy or commodities either. 

There’s actually a good opportunity hiding in your house, kitchen, pantry that you may not have thought about yet. 

I’ve recorded a quick 4-minute video from my home to share this trade idea for free. 

It’s part of my free weekly video trading series. 

Check out this trade hiding in plain sight above.

An Easier Way to Invest

Traditional brokers don’t make it easy for investors to get in on the Next Big Thing...

Or on the best income stock.

They make you work to find the right stocks or ETFs on your own…

Take the time and effort to research and analyze each one, and pay for access to top-notch research…

Decide how best to allocate your money between the stocks…

All the while “holding your nose” over the huge fees they’re likely to charge you…

And manage and rebalance the portfolio all by yourself.

But there’s a better way that uses AI to help you find the right investment. It’s called Magnifi...*