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SoftBank sign at Silicon Valley SoftBank Vision Fund headquarters. SoftBank Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company - San Carlos, CA, USA - 2019

Nvidia to Buy Softbank’s Chipmaker

Masayoshi’s Son’s Softbank (SFTBY) is in the news again…this time with a $40 billion cash-and-stock deal to sell its chip design architecture firm, ArmHoldings, to Nvidia (NVDA). SFTBY will receive $21.5 billion in NVDA shares and $12 billion in cash, only a little more than the $32 billion that it paid for Arm in 2016. […]

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What Revealing the ‘Nasdaq Whale’ Says About Crowded Trades

I’ve always been a great fan of mysteries. But who needs Agatha Christie to weave a story when we have the U.S. stock market? Everyone has been wondering what’s sent technology stocks (mainly in the Nasdaq) on a parabolic journey. A major institutional buyer, mysteriously nicknamed the “Nasdaq whale” by traders, dominated the never-before-seen massive […]

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AAPL is Being Replaced With This Company in China

After crippling Huawei and throwing cold water on ByteDance’s global business, the Trump Administration has turned its sights on a third Chinese technology giant, Tencent (TCEHY). Tencent was the only Chinese company to feature in the world’s ten largest providers of both apps and games by download volumes last year, according to the mobile platform […]

AAPL and TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors

AAPL and TSLA Stock Splits Attract Low Information Investors

Recent stock split announcements by Apple and Tesla have lit a fire under the companies’ share prices. I suspect that many investors scooping up the shares are not aware of exactly how the splits will work. I am curious about how new-to-the-stock market investors will react when they discover that post-split their holdings are not […]

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NIO Stock Price Jumps and Has More Room To Run

A lot of attention has been paid to the big tech companies this year, and rightly so. Big tech is leading the market to record highs, despite what the coronavirus pandemic has done (and continues to do) to the global economy. Precious metals are another area getting a lot of space in the financial press. […]

TWTR, ORCL, MSFT: Who’s Going to Buy TikTok?

TWTR, ORCL, MSFT: Who’s Going to Buy TikTok?

Lost somewhat in the aftermath of the pandemic is that China and the U.S. are still in the midst of a trade war. It’s unlikely that there will be any sort of resolution until after the election, and even then, China/U.S. relations have a long way to go when it comes to trade issues. However, […]

What Investors Are Missing About the Economy

What Investors Are Missing About the Economy

The U.S. Economy Is Defying Expectations Since its March 23 low, the stock market has put on a rollicking rally. Of course, this is less of a rally and more of the market making up for lost ground from a punishing fall in February and March. Once the severity of the coronavirus pandemic became clear, […]

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These Tech Stocks Are Hot Again

On June 10, the Nasdaq closed above 10,000 for the first time in history. Even more remarkable is that the index closed above 11,000 less than two months later! The Nasdaq is heavily weighted with tech stocks, which have been red-hot lately. I’ll give you an example. One of the ratios I like to watch […]