Author: Tim Plaehn

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How To Protect Your Portfolio Using Dividend Stability

I am surprised about how many questions I get concerning investments that may lose money. For many investors, the first question about any investment recommendation is how it can lose money. In one way, the concern makes sense since my focus is on income-producing investments. On the other hand, I wonder if they have been […]

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GME: A Lesson in How A Short Squeeze Works

If you watch financial news, you are probably aware of the short squeeze initiated by retail traders that drove share prices of stocks like GameStop Corp. (GME) up more than 800% in a few days. It was the biggest story last week. I do not think the news reporters did a very good job explaining […]

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Is this the Best, Safe, High-Yield Income Investment?

For income investors, the last 11 months have been, to paraphrase Dickens, “the best of times, the worst of times.” The February-March 2020 market crash was especially brutal on the high-yield investment sectors. Without a lot of information, I had to analyze my Dividend Hunter recommendations and decide which were best to sell and which […]

6 Questions To Ask During This Earnings Season

6 Questions To Ask During This Earnings Season

Every earnings season, I check the results from hundreds of publicly traded companies. In the past, for most companies, a quick scan of the earnings results would show whether or not a company remained on its expected trajectory. The 2020 fourth-quarter earnings results will be very different. They will tell the tale of a very […]

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These Two 8%+ Yield Income Stocks Are Still a Bargain

Unless you subscribe to the “greater fool” theory, it is hard to pick up shares of most stocks at current prices. While much of the U.S. economy remains throttled by the pandemic, the major stock indexes and popular tech stocks continue to set new record high prices. While the popular stocks and sectors appear extremely […]

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The Three Criteria For Choosing Preferred Stocks

The early days of 2021 sure feel a lot different for investors compared to the first quarter of 2020. Last year we survived through a stock market crash that was especially hard on the different types of high-yield investments. At the time, I recommended great income opportunities to my Dividend Hunter subscribers on the cheap […]


Becoming a Successful Dividend Investor in 2021

My Dividend Hunter service has evolved to the point where subscribers have access to a tremendous amount of income investment information and advice. I get tons of questions for which the answers are readily available in the subscriber materials. So in 2020, I started presenting a quarterly live New Subscriber Orientation webinar. Over and over, […]