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How To Get Paid To Sell Stocks

My goal with my different income-focused services is to help my subscribers earn more money than they would by following the old-school types of investment advice. I recommend higher yields in my Dividend Hunter service. For my dividend growth newsletter – Monthly Dividend Multiplier, I do not settle for the 2.5% to 3% yields that […]

How to Calculate Your Returns on Covered Call Trades

How to Calculate Your Returns on Covered Call Trades

I know that talking about investment yields and returns can be confusing, and actually understanding what happens can be even more daunting. However, we are trying to make money on our money, and understanding potential returns—both as percentages and dollars—helps separate good opportunities from those that are less attractive. If you have dabbled with stock […]

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Turn Any Stock into a Source of Steady Income

My email inbox regularly fills with questions about how to reach a certain level of monthly retirement income. The notes typically come from retired or nearly-retired individuals who realize their retirement savings at the financial advisor-recommended 4% annual withdrawal rate will not produce the amount of income wanted or needed. I want to share one […]

Validation of Using Easy Covered Call Strategies

Validation of Using Easy Covered Call Strategies

I often refer to covered calls as the third leg of a balanced, income-focused investment approach. (Three legs because it takes at least that many to make any chair or table stable and functional—the others are cash flow with high-yield stocks like in the Dividend Hunter and stocks consistently growing dividends like those in my […]

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When Do You Sell A Stock Paying 18% That’s Tripled in Price?

What a difference a vaccine makes! I am talking, of course about how my Dividend Hunter readers—the ones getting an average of 9% yields on our portfolio holdings—feel about their income-focused, stock market investments in light of the good news last Monday about an effective coronavirus vaccine. The news lit a fire under share prices […]