Why I Love “Toxic Profits” and Where to Find Them

Investing Strategies

In today’s Hidden Profit Report, I want to revisit the concept of “Loving the Toxic.”

The market is clearly overextended and overvalued right now.

In fact, the reading on one of my favorite valuation measures, the Excess CAPE Yield, is now at levels seen in 1969 and 2000.

Today’s economy and stock market have similarities with both those years and that does not bode well for the long-term returns from the stock market.

The best long-term outcomes will come from learning to love the out-of-favor assets and sectors the market deems “toxic.”

In this episode, I will point you in the direction of those toxic profits.

Oh, and before you go, one more thing.

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They have delivered market-beating returns in both good and bad markets.

They have done better than the market indexes when everything turns ugly.

In the subsequent recovery, both strategies have the potential to deliver rapid triple-digit returns.

We will discuss how to find deeply undervalued stocks with market-beating potential.

I will show you how to use a credit check to help avoid value traps that keep getting cheaper.

We will discuss how to identify the type of fundamental momentum and progress that can attract big money buying that drives the stock higher very quickly.

I will also teach you how to identify stocks that have the type of powerful momentum that can lead to enormous gains and avoid story-driven momentum that can quickly collapse, taking your profits south along with the stock price.

We will discuss how these powerful strategies offer what I call “Zig-Zag” portfolio diversification to help protect you from the inevitable downturns in the stock market.

Finally, I will point out how to identify those times when it makes sense to throw everything you have the stock market and those periods where caution may be called for.

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