Why “Career Risk” is the Biggest Danger to Your Portfolio Today

Investing Strategies

Today, I want to talk to you about the biggest risk you face as an investor.

Career risk.

See, for most people on Wall Street, the most important goal every day isn’t to make you money. Instead, it’s to do whatever it takes not to get fired from a really good job.

That’s career risk – doing something that will get you fired, even if it’s better for your clients.

In large part, career risk is leading to the current excessive valuation we see in stocks. Today I explain how that happens and what it means for you and your investments. I also dispel the myth that we cannot have a long period of low returns

We have had them and will have them again. It’s part of the natural market cycle.

This is increasing the risk for large-cap stock buyers but creating an enormous opportunity for investors.

So let me show you how to best take advantage of this massive wealth-creation opportunity.