The Market Lost 5% Last Quarter – But You Didn’t Have To

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As we tally up our investment results for the first quarter of 2022, this headline from Bloomberg sums up what happened to many investors:

Headline from Bloomberg saying "Losing 5% was best you could do in stocks and bonds this quarter."

This doesn’t have to be true for you as an individual investor, but first, let’s see how the major market averages did for the quarter.

  • Dow Jones: -4.5%
  • Nasdaq: -9.08%
  • Russell 2000: -7.8%
  • S&P 500: -4.95%

Bond investments didn’t do any better: the largest bond ETF, the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG), lost 5.4% for the quarter.

You can see how Bloomberg came up with the headline. However, there were (and are) investment strategies that consistently beat the major indexes and the traditional 60/40 stocks and bonds portfolio approach.

I show people several of them. Here are the results from my three income-focused services for the quarter…

With my Dividend Hunter service, I show people a range of low-risk, high-yield investments. I divide the list into three categories:

  • Stable Dividend Investments posted an 8.2% total return for the quarter, and the current average yield is 7.4%.
  • Variable Dividend Investments were up (total return) by 5.6%, and the current average yield is 9.4%.
  • Preferred Stock Investments, like bond prices, lost 5.6%; however, the group currently yields 8%.

I am confident that preferred stocks will recover, and I have urged my subscribers to pick up some of these stable dividend payers while the shares are “on sale.”

To see how The Dividend Hunter could set you up for an income stream that never runs dry, starting with just a $25,000 portfolio, click here.

In my Monthly Dividend Multiplier service my strategy is to find undervalued stocks that are set to grow their dividends, with the goal to outperform the major stock indexes listed above. The recommended portfolio returned 2.33% for the quarter and has now beaten the S&P 500 for six consecutive quarters.

In fact, this strategy could potentially increase your income by 108% in only 7 months. You can see all the details right here.

I team up with our options expert, Jay Soloff, for the Weekly Income Accelerator service to recommend covered call trades. Selling options through covered call trading generates high current income and modest capital gains, on top of whatever your regular investment portfolio generates.

I have a separate brokerage account where I make all of our recommended trades for this service. For the 2022 first quarter, that account grew by 10.8%.

All it takes to do this for yourself is 5 clicks.

5 clicks that could lead to an extra $2,037 in income this month. I lay it all out for you here.

I have been tracking these returns for several years, and over the calendar quarters and years, all the strategies have performed well, with different ones taking the lead through different periods. As I tell my subscribers, having a lot of tools in your investment toolbox is the best way to meet your investing goals.

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