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This Stock Is The Latest Short Squeeze From r/WallStreetBets

Shares of Rocket Companies (RKT) recently zoomed to a high of $43 without any apparent new news from the company. However, the stock currently has large short bets placed against it by hedge funds and appears to have garnered some bullish interest from day traders on Reddit’s infamous r/WallStreetBets forum. Roughly 45% of RKT’s available […]

FuelCell Energy Still Looks Overvalued

FuelCell Energy Still Looks Overvalued

Hydrogen pure-play stocks outperformed the overall market in 2020 and continue to do well in 2021. Hydrogen-related investments have attracted investor interest, as bullish sentiment believe the element — which emits no greenhouse gas when burned or used in fuel cells — may be a viable option to help the world meet its climate goals. […]

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BAC Stock Price Reaching Oversold Territory

Shares of Bank of America (BAC) reached “oversold” levels after falling for eight-straight sessions. It held its 50-day moving average while recently announcing fourth-quarter earnings. The chart below shows the RSI (relative strength index) for the stock recently hitting 40, as well as levels from late October. You will also see RSI reached 30 in […]

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Here’s What’s Going On With GME and AMC

In investing, history can be a useful guide to what to expect moving forward. However, its usefulness only goes so far. There’s always something new and surprising in the financial markets that investors have never seen before. Last year it was negative oil prices. This year, it’s the stock squeezes occurring with names like GameStop […]

Sell These Three Healthcare Stocks Now

Sell These Three Healthcare Stocks Now

When the market was first rocked by the coronavirus, the healthcare sector held up fairly well. Of course, I mean that in a relative sense; healthcare stocks still fell, like the rest of the market. But as a whole, the sector fell less. Talking about positive relative strength in a terrible market often sounds bizarre—“Sure, […]

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4 High-Yield Dividend Traps to Sell Now

I review a lot of high-yield investments. You likely are aware that an investment gets priced for a higher-than-typical yield because of the potential or possibility of a dividend rate reduction. The interesting part about a company’s decision to change its dividend is that it is a binary event. Either the dividend is cut, or […]

How To Tell Which Stocks Will Keep Dividends, Which Will Cut Dividends, and Which Might Go Out of Business

How To Tell Which Stocks Will Keep Dividends, Which Will Cut Dividends, and Which Might Go Out of Business

2019 was a record year for dividend payments from publicly-traded U.S. corporations. In 2019, U.S. companies paid $491 billion in dividends. At the start of this year, the expectation was that payouts would top $500 billion for the year, but the federal and state government shutdowns of much of the economy has changed those expectations. […]