Where do tech stocks go from here in 2022?

S&P 500, Technology Stocks

I predict in 2022, we could see some sluggishness to the S&P 500 as it hits all-time highs.

But what about tech?

Many tech stocks like Zoom, Peloton have seen their valuations obliterated over the last 3 months.

Still, tech overall has matched the S&P 500 in returns over the last 2 years…

However, while digging through some charts today, I stumbled on one that could be an interesting ‘crystal ball’ to what lies ahead for tech.

No chart can tell the future, but when you see this chart, it becomes quite obvious what could happen to tech stocks in the next 12 months.

I recorded a quick 3 minute video to show you everything (and it’s free to watch).

Click here to see what I believe could happen to tech in 2022.