Two Special Opportunities for This Rough Market

Investing Strategies

It should come as no secret that I am not wildly bullish on the future of the stock market. Everything I see indicates that the long-term returns from stocks will be low to worse than that for several years, if not longer.

If that is a surprise to you, I did a webinar on Monday that is available here that outlines my current thinking and suggests the actions you need to take with your portfolio.

I promise it is not a 90-minute sales pitch, and you will come away with valuable information.

But today, I have two special situations for you.

One is a hero-or-zero stock. There are special circumstances surrounding the company, and insiders have been buying.

If it works you will see massive returns.

If it does not work it is dead money at best, a zero at worst.

The other is a high-yield company in a business that generates large cash flows. The cash is being paid as a dividend and reinvested in commercial real estate.

You get paid over 7% to wait for commercial real estate to come back into favor.

The CEO and CFO have been buying stock recently.

Buying shares during market selloffs could make you a lot of money over the next few years.