Trade of the Week: RBLX

Gaming Stocks, Options, Videos

One active name in options this past week was Roblox (RBLX), a video game company that recently had its IPO. RBLX produces an extremely popular game that has shown very strong growth. The company recently partnered with Hasbro for physical toys as well.

On a busy day last week, 85% of the options that traded on RBLX were calls, which tends to be a bullish signal. The largest trade of the day was a May bullish vertical spread, a strategy that significantly reduces the cost of the trade in exchange for a cap on upside potential.

BTC Breaks $60k, Coinbase IPO, Bitcoin Options Trading

Last week was big for Bitcoin holders and traders. Bitcoin broke through $60,000 and then there was the Coinbase IPO - one of the most followed possibly since the botched FB IPO just under a decade ago. And there's even more to come, espeically for options traders. That's why I'm making trades on companies that are taking off and giving my readers outsized returns in what some call the best market ever for options traders. And they're doing it even with small accounts and little to no experience. It's like nothing I've ever seen. Click here to find out for yourself.