The Greatest Bank Investing Opportunity in Over a Decade

Investing Strategies

Not long ago, I sat down with Jay Soloff, who runs several outstanding options income and trading services at Investors Alley. We had a long discussion about what is going on in the markets in general and banks, specifically.

I talked at length with Jay about what has happened in the banking industry since early March of this year. I explain the damage done by clickbait hunters and instant experts, making it so much harder for investors to get accurate information about the opportunity created by this new form of March Madness.

In the interview we also take a deeper dive into the fundamentals of the banking industry and explore the financial conditions that actually exist in the industry rather than those that the attention seekers want you to believe exist.

The current volatility is creating the greatest bank investing opportunity in over a decade. Jay and I spend an hour with you looking at the opportunity I see and what kind of returns investors can expect.