The First Place I Look for Profits Every Quarter

Investing Strategies

And like that, June is here and the first half of the year is almost over.

That means it’s time for my most profitable activity of every quarter – taking a look at the 13F filings of private equity funds.

These little-used SEC filings show what these massively successful investing firms have been buying, what they’ve been selling…

And it’s a goldmine of investing ideas.

Looking at these filings is hands down the most profitable thing I do every quarter. Let me show you…

This dividend stock beat the market by 2,325% in the past 22 years!

It’s not REITs or blue chips like Disney. A small, little-talked about area of the dividend stock market is pumping out market-beating returns like no tomorrow. Over 22 years, they’ve handily beat the market… and I have the #1 stock of these to give you now.