The #1 Sector Set to Explode in the Next Few Weeks (Not Technology)

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I was surprised to find a sector that is set to explode quickly. 

I was surprised because this strong sector has been on an uptrend for the past 13-years…but has hit a trough and is turning up as you read this. 

If you think it’s technology, you’re wrong. 

Currently, the entire sector is about 17% off its highs based on their top ETF trading. 

Well diversified…and I’ll even share two stocks you can watch. (you’ll see on the video one of them is “coiling” like a spring about to fling the stock higher).

82% winners from options? (many thought impossible)

If you’re used to losing money with options... listen up. There’s a way to flip options on their end and win 82% of the time... and win thousands every 11 days. We’re doing this even during 2020.

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