Undervalued Stocks

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Dear Wall Street: “You’re Fired”

The recent stock market crash shows how Wall Street is not looking out for individual investors. The analysts and marketing departments on the Street don’t care about the small guy. The big financial firms focus on gathering assets on which they earn fees. Here are a few items about the Wall Street crowd that I […]

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Walk Softly – Big Brother Wields A Big Stick

People move about the world for different reasons; climate, health, employment, family and to escape for a better life. Our forefathers risked their lives for a dream of a brighter future. Legendary golfer Phil Mickelson, a California native, complained about the state having the highest taxes in the nation and he was (gasp!) considering moving […]

The 15% Yield Dividend Stock Set to Double

The 15% Yield Dividend Stock Set to Double

For the last three months, the value of Uniti Group Inc. (Nasdaq: UNIT) has been a real turkey for high yield stock investors. Since late July share owners have experienced a decline of the UNIT share price from the mid $20’s to a recent low under $14. With the recent earnings report out of Uniti, […]