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Whose Numbers Are You Going To Trust When It Matters?

Every day we see infuriating, politically biased Facebook posts, followed by others totally debunking the point. Someone is lying, and may have spent a lot of money for a professional presentation, to make their lie convincing. Who do you trust? “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Dr. Deborah Birx, concerned that […]

One Easy Formula for a Retirement of Endless Income

One Easy Formula for a Retirement of Endless Income

Many investors buy hot or well-known stocks in the hope that share prices will continue to rise. However, as I was advised many years ago, hope is not a plan. The plan I share with my subscribers derives from conversations I had over several decades with investors who have actually become wealthy by investing in […]

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How You Can “Buy” the Retirement of Your Dreams Today

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us once again that life can be unpredictable. The uncertainty produced by these situations is real. Many people give in to the fear, leading to actions such as hoarding toilet paper and dumping investments to lock in their losses. Others look for opportunities to improve their futures. A rearview mirror […]

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I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help!

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s Strategic Plan 2020-23 tells us: “The Federal Reserve Board’s highest priority is to promote a strong economy for the American people by fostering the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the nation’s monetary, financial, and payment systems. “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to […]

Hand putting Coins in glass jar with retro alarm clock  for time to money saving for retirement concept

How American Retirees are Getting Scammed Out of $30 Trillion

The American Dream is simple: A fruitful career, owning your own home, and eventually reaping the fruits of your labor with a financially secure retirement. Unfortunately, for most Americans, the ‘American Dream’ is turning into just that: A dream. And it’s all thanks to what I call the $30 Trillion Retirement Scam”, you may be […]

Are Storm Clouds Brewing Without Us Realizing It?

Are Storm Clouds Brewing Without Us Realizing It?

What is the Federal Reserve up to? Do they see a huge storm on their radar they are not telling us about? The banking/investment world has changed radically since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act allowing banks to merge with Wall Street investment firms. I recently asked, “Will The Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?” and followed it […]

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Bring The Kryptonite To Washington!

I recently asked, “Will the Next Bank Bailout Bankrupt America?”. The casino banks risky derivative bets are much higher than the last bailout a decade ago. The risks will come home to roost and they will expect taxpayers to bail them out again. I concluded: “Keep and increase your gold holdings. True reform would take us […]

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Finding Sunshine In All Types Of Weather

My instrument check ride was already scheduled when I got a call from Larry, my flight instructor. He told me to come out to the airport immediately, today would be one of the best learning experiences he could offer. It was a cloudy, soppy, rainy day; nothing going on, so I drove to the airport. […]