An aerial view from an airplane

Finding Sunshine In All Types Of Weather

My instrument check ride was already scheduled when I got a call from Larry, my flight instructor. He told me to come out to the airport immediately, today would be one of the best learning experiences he could offer. It was a cloudy, soppy, rainy day; nothing going on, so I drove to the airport. […]

The Most Important Job Of Parenting No One Discusses

The Most Important Job Of Parenting No One Discusses

Just before my 79th birthday, I discovered I have cancer. There is an agonizing period where medical professionals determine the type of cancer, has it spread and what options are available. Your mind goes wild while waiting for test results and the big meeting to discuss a treatment plan. During that time, I was contacted by […]

The Three-Headed Investment Bandit

The Three-Headed Investment Bandit

There is a three-headed investment bandit lurking in the weeds looking to steal your wealth. Savvy investors must deal with them – all at the same time. First up is the safety bandit. If you invest in stocks and bonds, they can default or go down in value, robbing wealth from your nest egg. Second […]

A bow and arrow with words Target the Need to illustrate serving what a customer truly wants and desires and reaching a marketing goal for a business

Find A Need And Fill It

Northwestern University sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful campus, particularly when the leaves are turning golden. I left work and drove to night school to begin the fall semester. I thought to myself, ‘I want to be an accountant, why is a marketing course required?’ Marketing 101, here I come. Professor […]

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

I was frustrated. I need solid, safe income. The bank bailouts will eventually cause high inflation. Interest rates were not keeping up. Investors, desperate for income, had few choices and the stock market was setting records. How do you invest, earn safe income while protecting your capital and buying power all at the same time? […]

Weekends together. Happy family of four is listening to brunet bearded dad, reading book about adventures, relatives look at him, smiling, at home on a couch

Your Children Are Listening More Than You Realize

The world was different before the invention of effective birth control. I had three children at age 22. My wife and I were primarily raised by our grandparents – we were scared. What did we know about parenting? Dr. Benjamin Spock’s best-selling book, “Baby and Child Care” touted, “mothers know more than you think you […]

Male legs walking from one paycheck to another with crumpled money scattered about on the floor.

Who Owns You?

Richard Maybury grabbed my attention: “Think about it. There are really only two choices. Either you will own you, or someone else will.” I’ve subscribed to Richard’s “U.S & World Early Warning Report” for years. I re-read the section about capitalism and socialism. Here are some tidbits: (my highlights) “Laissez-faire (less-aa-fair) is from the French laissez nous […]