Trade of the Week: BAC

Banking Industry, Options, Videos

On a day when the markets were down, banking stocks like Bank of America (BAC) generally had positive performances. BAC traded almost 2.5x the usual number of options with about two-thirds of the action in calls. This is generally a bullish sign for the stock (which was up 2% at the time).

One very large trade from the day may have been a put spread collar, which protects downside risk while also allowing some wiggle room to the upside. This particular spread traded in a block of over 17,000 contracts per leg.

Getting Hot Trades on Stocks Like NIO and TSLA

One of the more interesting stock market stories (before the GME short squeeze) has been the rise of TSLA challenger NIO. Shares for both were loosely correlated for most of 2020... until NIO was upgraded by JPMorgan in the fall. Trading volume and options activity have taken off creating some interesting trade set-ups. Here's how I'm finding those trades and making them with extra cash sitting around the house.

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