Stock Rally or Not, These Are the 3 Best Profit Opportunities

Investing Strategies

No one knows what the market will do this week or next.

Last week we saw traders come to the mass conclusion that the Fed was done raising rates and that rate cuts were right around the corner.

While I have never personally seen a bull market start with large cap stocks trading well north of a 20 PE multiple, it could happen.

I have never seen a Sasquatch or a Yeti either, yet millions of people insist such things exist.

I have also never seen a politician that was not greedy and self-centered but there are rumors such creatures can be found.

I have no idea what Jerome Powell will say at the IMF conference in DC today or how the market will react to it.

What I do know is that there are some special situations developing that could deliver outsized returns regardless of market action, and I want to point out three of them to you this week.

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