ENPH Stock Price Hits 52-Week High On Natura Living Announcement


Shares of Enphase Energy Inc. (ENPH) have been incredibly explosive.

Since the beginning of September the ENPH stock price ran from a low of $65 to an all-time high of $111.27. The stock has been thriving on two catalysts. One, investors believe a potential Joe Biden win and the potential for the Green New Deal may have just increased. Two, the company is expanding its reach into the home energy market.

Then, just this week, the company announced that it and Natura Living, “one of Thailand’s leading residential and commercial solar installers, have joined forces on commercial solar installation projects for PepsiCo Thailand. Natura Living has selected Enphase products to strengthen its commitment to providing commercial customers with high-quality microinverter-based systems,” according to the latest press release.

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“Natura Living has provided residential and commercial solar installations in Thailand since 2016,” said Sittiporn Wattanakanokrekha, owner of Natura Living. “The demand for solar in Southeast Asia is growing, and the Enphase products’ ease of installation, safety, reliability, and smart monitoring system, along with an outstanding customer experience, are some of the key reasons we choose to offer them to our customers.”

“We have been very pleased with our Enphase microinverter-based systems,” said Chawala Wongyai, agronomy Indochina director at PepsiCo. “Our passion for clean energy and innovation aligns with Enphase, as our two companies share a commitment to developing safe, smart, and reliable energy products.”

Enphase Energy Inc. is Also Expanding in Europe

The company just entered into three solar distribution companies in Belgium and the Netherlands–Carbomat Group, Libra Energy and Solarclarity, further strengthening Enphase’s presence in the European solar market.

The companies will distribute the Enphase IQ 7™ family of microinverters to residential installers across Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, the solar systems will be outfitted with Enphase Envoy™ communications gateways, which connect an Enphase-based solar system to the Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring platform and helps make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance easy.

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“We continue to see a growing market for solar panels on apartment buildings in Belgium,” said Maarten Devillé, senior buyer at Carbomat Group, Belgium. “Approximately 90% of our installer customers work with residential apartment buildings, and we selected Enphase microinverters primarily due to their 25-year limited warranty and the easy-to-use Enlighten monitoring system. We are pleased to work with the company’s Dutch sales and technical departments, who provide us with superior customer service.”

As of this writing, Ian Cooper does not have a position in shares of ENPH.

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