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Which Annuity Is Best for You?

When it comes to guarantees, don’t assume anything! A guarantee is a promise or assurance. While a written contractual guarantee strengthens your legal position, it’s only as solid as the person, government, company, insurer and court system standing behind it. In our article “How Good Is Your Comfortable Retirement Guarantee?”, I assumed some investments were guaranteed, […]

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“We The People” Are Getting Screwed!

Enough is enough! It makes no difference what political party is at the helm, our government is foolishly wasting money and putting OUR country at risk. While the preamble to our Constitution begins with, “We The People”, somehow the concept of elected representatives looking after OUR best interest got lost along the way. Pundit Bill […]

If Not Now – WHEN??

If Not Now – WHEN??

My grandfather was a WWII Army Sargent, an uneducated farmer with a Ph.D. in common sense. One of the lessons he preached; the longer you ignore a problem, the more it will grow. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell never met my grandfather. This Schiff Gold article confirms my grandfather’s thinking: (Emphasis mine) “During a webinar sponsored by the […]

Heeding the Warning Signs of Inflation

Heeding the Warning Signs of Inflation

It was a picture-perfect afternoon in Fort Myers, Florida. Jo, Holly, my son Drew, a couple of his college baseball teammates and I decided to take our brand-new boat for a spin in the Gulf. I passed my Coast Guard course and was full of confidence. We barreled toward the markers at the entrance of […]

The Virus We Can’t Escape

The Virus We Can’t Escape

One of my earliest childhood memories was my grandmother and me bringing home groceries in my wagon. I’ve never forgotten her ranting about rising grocery prices. She seldom raised her voice, but over dinner, she let it out…. “I’ve never been able to carry home $25 worth of groceries. We had to use the wagon […]

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How to Outperform 98.8% of the S&P 500 With Dividend Stocks

For 2020, the S&P 500 index returned 18.40%, so if you didn’t earn almost 20% in your stock portfolio, you might be wondering what happened. But just because the overall returns are high, it doesn’t mean all stocks are performing the same way. For example, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B) managed to earn just […]

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MMT – Modern Monetary Theory –or– Magic Money Tree?

The politicos are hawking Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to finance their reckless spending. Investopedia explains: “Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a heterodox macroeconomic framework that says monetarily sovereign countries (that) spend, tax, and borrow in a fiat currency they fully control, are not operationally constrained by revenues when it comes to federal government spending. …. […]