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Another Underappreciated Country for Great Value Stocks

Right after last week’s article was posted extolling the virtues of investing in one of the most geopolitically unstable regions in the world, I received the latest updates on global valuations. Turkey is still on the list of ultra-cheap stock markets. Turkey has a lot of risks, but with the market indexes trading with a […]

Three Value Plays from a Country You’ll Never Guess

Three Value Plays from a Country You’ll Never Guess

Everyone loves to play the prediction game. I like to play what is cheap, especially when looking at the world markets. Cheap markets tend to bounce and recover, especially if there is rule of law and a government that does not despise free markets and capitalism. Most of the countries that are cheap are going […]

You Can Still Profit from Japan

You Can Still Profit from Japan

Japan’s poor economic performance since the late 1980s has gone hand-in-glove with an even lousier stock market. However, the 2023 recovery of the Nikkei and Topix indices to levels not seen since the start of the 1990s showed that global investors have finally begun to take the country seriously again as an investment destination. The […]

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Big Oil’s High Dividend Yield From TotalEnergies

“Big Oil” is the term used to describe the world’s six largest, publicly-traded oil and natural gas producers—BP, Chevron, Italy’s Eni, ExxonMobil, Shell, and TotalEnergies. Of the Big Oil companies, France’s TotalEnergies (TTE) is perhaps the most interesting of the world’s major oil companies. Here’s why… On the one hand, TotalEnergies has yet fully exit […]

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Europe’s Almost Unknown Gas Play

Some of the best investments come from digging a little deeper beyond the headlines. For example, we have all heard by now about Europe’s woes regarding natural gas and its dependency on Russian gas supplies. But do you know what company is the second-biggest provider of natural gas to Europe, behind only Russia’s Gazprom? It […]