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3 Closed End Funds for High Yields, Plus 1 is Tax-Free

3 Closed End Funds for High Yields, Plus 1 is Tax-Free

Are you open or closed? No… I’m not talking about your personality type! I’m talking about open-end funds versus closed-end funds (CEFs). It’s a question we often get from readers, so allow me to give you a quick rundown on CEFs and follow that with a few specific CEF investments that yield some healthy dividends. […]

Cartoon Humor Concept Illustration of Dont Put All your Eggs in One Basket Saying or Proverb

Diversification, What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

“I’m no longer trying to get rich. I’m trying to keep from getting poor!” …uttered by millions… Friend Courtenay W. referenced recent articles where Chuck Butler and I emphasized diversification. He made a great suggestion, “You should explain what you mean – diversification means different things to different people.” I visited several mutual fund companies’ booths at The Money […]

Cartoon of a happy hammer with thumb up and a nail presenting with his hands

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

Seniors, savers, baby boomers and retirees are constantly bombarded with financial information written by those wishing to sell their products or services. The readers are prospective nails; and the authors tout their particular hammer as the best solution to your financial challenges. Many have been credited for the above quote, including Mark Twain and Abraham […]